Bocce Ball

Enjoy the Excitement of Bocce Ball  


As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle can help promote good health as well as improve one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, aging can bring some aches and pains with it. While it is normal to lose flexibility and muscle tone, if you exercise regularly it is possible to continue your favorite hobbies while enjoying the benefits of getting outdoors. 


One activity, which can be a great deal of fun, is bocce ball. It provides an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, while being active. Bocce ball can be played in the back yard or neighborhood park and requires almost no setup. It’s also ideal across a wide range of ages; from young kids to senior citizens. Bocce ball can be a wonderful activity the whole family can share. 


Bocce ball is becoming an increasingly popular activity for active adults for the social and physical benefits it can provide. It can be a relaxing way to spend time with othersin addition to reaping the tremendous benefits that come with staying active. With most bocce ball sets being very affordable and the fact that it can be played just about anywhere, it’s not surprising that so many people are rediscovering this fun activity. 


Managing Tight and Sore Muscles 

Bending, tossing and just general movement can take their toll on muscles and joints. If you are concerned about sore muscles that often follow physical activity, topical pain relief product can be used either before or after playing. Some have found using a topical pain relief product both before and after activity is the best way to enjoy a game of bocce ball, without the discomfort that can accompany exercise. 


Getting Ready to Play 

Prior to any type of physical activity, it is helpful to spend some time warming up your muscles. This can help ensure your muscles are ready for a little workout and help reduce the likelihood of pulling or straining a muscle. After warming up your muscles, applying aover-the-counter all-natural topical pain relief product can assist with the warm up process and help avoid pain during play. 


Bocce ball offers players plenty of excitement and fun, but no activity is enjoyable if you are uncomfortable. Take time to ensure you are warmed up. Taking preventative measures, such as warming up or using a cream for pain relief like Super Blue Stuff OTC will aid the muscles in loosening up. This lightweight cream features the power of menthol along with emu oilMSMaloe vera and 11 therapeutic herbs. This natural blend is non-greasy and absorbed in minutes for fast pain relief, sometimes as fast as five minutes.  


Best Way to Enjoy Bocce Ball 

  • Warm uyour muscles with some small movements 
  •  Apply a topical pain relief product to aid with a pain free game 
  • Find a grassy spot with plenty of open space 
  • Gather friends, family and enjoy! 


When you make sure you have a way to manage muscle soreness and pain, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time playing bocce ball. Of course, this also means that you’ll be able to continue being active and enjoying all the benefits you get from maintaining an active lifestyle. When you let the pain go untreated, many adults start to become more sedentary. This, of course, leads to a vicious cycle. It’s important to stay active, so do what you can to make sure your game of bocce ball is as fun and pain free as possible. 


If you are sensitive to fragrance or color, try Super White Stuff OTC. It has all the same great, pain fighting ingredients found in Super Blue Stuff OTC but with no trace amounts of fragrance or colors. Apply it freely without worry. You will get the fast, effective pain relief in as little as five minutes. 




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