Cross-Country Skiing

An invigorating trek through the snow on cross-country skis —what better way to spend a crisp winter morning? Aside from being an excellent way to take in the white-capped countryside, cross-country skiing is about as beneficial a workout as you can get.  
How beneficial is it? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose this form of exercise:  

  • it targets all the major muscle groups by fully utilizing both the upper and lower areas of the body 
  • cross-country skiers can burn over 1,100 calories per hour 
  • it's an ideal stress reliever 
  • it's a highly functional activity, helping to improve everyday balance and posture by training your body to move as it was meant to move 

Of course, with any hearty workout comes the possibility — rather, the probability — of soreness, so it's important to plan accordingly. Using a topical pain reliever, such as Super Blue Stuff OTC from Emu Therapy, will help you enjoy your workout with minimal aches afterward. Apply it to potential problem areas before you strap on your skis, and again afterward. You won't have to wait until morning for your muscles to thank you.  

Why Topical Pain Relief? 

You might well be asking, "Why should I bother with that stuff? If I'm sore after skiing, I'll just take an aspirin." The truth is, it's both foolish and dangerous to rely on pills for common aches such as those brought on by exercise. Prolonged use of even over-the-counter drugs can lead to ulcers, liver damage, and kidney failure. Treating the problem prophylactically with topical pain reliever is both safe and rewarding.  
Frequent use of oral pain relievers also carries the risk of addiction. With Emu Therapy's safe, natural topical products, you don't have to worry about becoming hooked. You can enjoy your chosen activity as often as you like, while remaining whole and healthy.  

I'm going on an out-of-town ski trip. Won't the product be too bulky to take along? 

With our roll-on and travel size options, this is no problem. Our product comes in containers that hold as little as one ounce, making them a cinch to carry, even if you're traveling by airplane. Don't let a little distance stand in the way of you and an ache-free skiing experience.  

Getting started 

For a list of all our available products, visit the rest of the Emu Therapy website. This will help you choose the product that best suits your individual needs, as well as provide more information on why the use topical pain relief is a wise and healthy choice. See you on the trails! 





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