Crow's Feet

What do you think of when someone talks about crow's feet? Do images of deep wrinkles highlighted by sagging skin linger in your mind? No matter how hard we may try, Father Time eventually sinks his ancient hands into our once-perfectly smooth skin.  
Whether you call them crow's feet, laugh lines or your own personal Grand Canyon, wrinkles along the edges of your eyes are universally regarded as a nuisance. For many of us, wrinkling is an unavoidable stage of life. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by as the luster of youth folds into the creases of old age.  
Unfortunately, marketing agencies understand the widespread desire for reclaimed youth. With hundreds, if not thousands, of creams, lotions and serums promising the unimaginable, is it actually possible to diminish wrinkles?  
To answer this question, you must forget what you think you know about the best cream for crow’s feet. Instead, let’s dive into the canyon of knowledge and finally put to rest the greatest question of all. Are there actual home remedies for crow's feet? 

Exploring Wrinkles and How They Form

In the quest for real, effective and safe natural remedies for wrinkles, we must first understand how they form and what biological reasoning rests underneath the folds.  
The race to identify the fountain of youth isn’t a new phenomenon. Our reach into the mysterious realm of eternal youth dates back to ancient Egypt. Earliest records suggest notorious female pharaoh Cleopatra bathed in milk to retain youthful suppleness. Fast forward over a thousand years and you’d see Elizabethan women adorning raw meat to combat wrinkles.  
You’d think after thousands of years we’d hold the power of aging in our hands, but your skin is more mysterious than you may think. Let’s explore the various internal and external causes of wrinkles. 

  • Intrinsic Aging - Characterized as the biological process of aging, intrinsic decomposition begins as our bodies succumb to the power of time. The symphony of aging involves multiple instruments. The melody of aging is carried by decreasing collagen levels, reduced sweat and oil gland functionality as well as lowered elastin production. Intrinsic wrinkling is an unavoidable reality. However, its severity is considerably mild. 
  • Extrinsic Aging - If intrinsic aging is an internal process, then extrinsic refers to external influences. These typically include environmental toxins, cigarette smoking, poor dietary choices and exposure to allergens. Unlike its counterpart, extrinsic wrinkling severity is preventable. However, if steps aren’t taken to reduce or eliminate its impact, get ready for deep-set wrinkles, uneven tone and thin skin. 


Crow's Feet Natural Remedy Investigation 

When it comes to natural remedies for wrinkles, nothing’s off limits. While some remedies make sense, such as applying fruit-based serums on trouble areas, others are downright ridiculous. Does washing your face with a warm cleanser made of your own urine sound appealing? No thanks! 
Like any other condition you wish to treat via natural remedies, there’s a lot of folk medicine touted as factual science. However, this doesn’t mean all home remedies for crow’s feet are phony. Let’s explore several proven natural remedies to smooth wrinkles without harsh toxic chemicals.  

  • Avocado Seed Oil - Think avocados are only good when mixed with tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice? Then get ready to have your world transformed. Avocado oil is rich in a variety of vitamins, but the real star of the show is its ability to support collagen health. While a study published in the Connective Tissue Research journal found avocado seed oil supported collagen levels, it didn’t show much promise to increase collage levels. Although its protective potential is considerable, it’s best to use avocado oil as a preventative measure rather than a restorative one. 
  • Cucumbers - Okay, you’re probably tired of hearing about cucumbers and its benefits for skin health. However, this deliciously watery fruit continues to demonstrate a variety of cosmetic uses. When applied to the skin, its compounds work to reduce inflammation while infusing dry skin with youthful moisture levels. As The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice states, topical application can improve skin discoloration, aging, inflammation and restore plumpness due to its extreme water concentration. 
  • Egg Whites - One of the most surprising home remedies for laugh lines is something you probably have in your refrigerator. Egg whites are notorious for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tissue repair abilities. Evidence published in the September 2015 issue of Nutrients suggests the unique compounds found in egg whites repairs skin tissue, reduces inflammation and restores underlying structures responsible for reducing wrinkle severity. 


If you’re tired of browsing hundreds of products in the hope of find the best cream for crow's feet, then maybe it’s time to skip the skincare aisle and head for the produce section. In our quest to eliminate the signs of aging, perhaps the solution we’ve been searching for is what we had for lunch. 





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