Why Football Players Benefit from Topical Pain Relievers 

Football is a great activity to enhance your health and fitness. If you play competitive tackle football, or enjoy participating in adult flag leaguesyou need to take care of your joints and muscles. To prevent injury, it's important to be loose and flexible. It's also important to reduce postgame stiffness and soreness. 

You need to take care of the aches and pains after the game as well. Topical pain relief products are an excellent way to get ready for your next game, and a great way to relieve the aches and pains after the game. No matter what level of football you play, achy joints and muscles is part of the game. 


Lower Body: Speed & Agility 

Football players have to be able to move, often quickly. The objective of the game necessitates players be speedy afoot, plus be agile. Different positions require higher levels of speed and agility, but every player benefits from being able to move. The game loses some of its appeal if every movement is painful. 


Runners change direction, cutting on a dime, and blockers need to use footwork to hold their ground. Making sure your lower body is limber and pain free is essential. By applying a good topical pain reliever during your pregameyou can keep your muscles primed for every play. 

When the game is over, these same lower leg muscles are prone to aches and pains. A good rubdown of your quads and hamstrings can help prevent them from becoming sore. When you allow your muscles to cool without taking some preventative steps, you also increase the risk of injury. 


Upper Body: Power & Control 

While your lower body is important, power and control of your upper body happens on every play as well. Of course, the quarterback needs a limber pain-free arm to throw the ball, and on the other end of these passes are players catching the ball. Both positions require full, painless rotation of the shoulders and arms. 


Even the players who block, or play defense, use their upper bodies to control their opponents. Keeping your movements, pain-free and flexible during the game, allows you to enjoy your time on the field. However, sometimes the aches and pains in the upper body muscles and joints are the most debilitating. 


It's not practical to try to do work related jobs while your arms and shoulders hurt from yesterday's football game. Applying a topical pain reliever can get you through the aches and pains that linger. There are convenient sizes available, so you can keep one in your lunchbox, or briefcase, ready at your fingertips. 



Football is strenuous sport that can make your muscles sore. Preparing ahead of the game and treating sore muscles afterward is important, so you can get the full enjoyment out of playing. Topical pain relievers such as Super Blue Stuff OTCare great for pregame prep and post game treatment. Rub down with a topical pain reliever to help prevent injury and treat your postgame aches and pains. 





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