Indoor Rowing

What are you supposed to do when you can no longer venture out onto the water for your exercise? Perhaps it is too cold, or perhaps it is too windy, but whatever the reason you’re stuck on land and looking for a way to stay in rowing shape.


Because rowing is a workout that benefits the totality of your body, many rowers choose to forego cross training during the winter season and instead, they turn to the ergometer for rowing specific training. The ergometer targets all of the areas of your body you need to strengthen for better and faster rowing on the water.


What is an ergometer? It is an indoor rowing machine that measures how hard and fast you can complete a workout, with a specific type of calibration. Many rowers use the ergometer, or erg as it is unofficially called, to enhance their ability to withstand the cardiovascular demands of rowing.


When training on ergometer, it is important to use the correct form. Most rowers will start a workout from the finish. Sitting on the rolling seat, you should hold your back straight and proud, with your shoulders in a broad relaxed stance, your legs should be flat and your hands should be pulled into your chest. This is the finish position. The first thing to move out of this position is your hands, push them away from your body. Once your arms are straight, bend the body forward at the hips. This is called the arms and body over position. Finally bend your knees and let the seat roll underneath you, traveling up to the catch position.


Make sure your arms remain straight at the elbows and then you’ll push back on your feet, keeping your body position angled forward. Once your legs are flat, swing your body to a slightly open position and finish by bringing in your arms. You will find, if you are completely the movements correctly that the majority of the work is done by your legs! 


Using a rowing machine is a great way to burn calories while toning your body. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 185 pound person will burn around 300 calories while rowing for 30 minutes. Using a rowing machine is considered a total body workout, and tones your back, legs, arms, and abdominal muscles. However, the most important thing trained by using an indoor rowing machine however is your heart and your lungs.


Unfortunately, when training you will experience some soreness and occasionally even pain. Here at BLUESPRING, we have made it our goal to get you back onto the erg without having to worry about that pesky pain and letting it overrun your training. Super Blue Stuff OTC is formulated to soothe sore and painful muscles quickly, so you can return your calorie burning training regime.


So if you find yourself tiring of the treadmill this year, or looking longingly at the water as your boats sit safe and warm, hopping on the ergometer will scratch that rowing itch and help you get into the best shape of your life.



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