It's no mystery why so many people include jogging in their fitness routine. Exercise fads don't always live up to the hype but jogging is a time-tested and scientifically proven activity that benefits the body and mind. Whether you log a few miles a week on your treadmill or prefer your exercise outdoors, jogging can radically improve your mental and physical health.

Physical Benefits

Jogging is a popular aerobic activity that impacts almost every area of the body in a positive way. Running 2.5 hours a week can increase the lifespan by several years according to the scientific study, Longevity in Male and Female Joggers: The Copenhagen City Heart Study. Researchers also found that jogging only 20 minutes a day, three times a week

  • strengthens the heart muscle and reverses cardiovascular disease
  • oxygenates the blood and cells, preventing oxidative stress that can lead to cancer
  • builds strong bones with increased calcification resulting in greater mass
  • regulates insulin which may eliminate or control diabetes

Additional physiological benefits of regular jogging also include excess weight loss and weight management, increased stamina and endurance, increased lung capacity, and improved muscle tone in several core muscle groups.

Psychological Benefits

Physical health is a key component to sound mental health and just reaping the physical benefits of jogging is enough to improve a sense of emotional well-being. But jogging has a direct profound effect on psychological health as well. People who jog regularly 

  • gain self-confidence
  • are more motivated
  • feel less anxiety
  • experience less depression
  • are more adept at coping with stress

Aerobic exercise increases the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and seretonin, which are responsible for many of these psychological benefits. "Runners high" isn't just a myth. The blissful state joggers and runners experrience is associated with higher levels of beta-endorphins, cannabinnoids and other feel-good neurotransmitters released into the bloodstream while jogging. 

Jogging Essentials

Jogging requires little financial investment to begin. The most important item on your list should be a pair of well-fitted running shoes to minimize excessive joint stress. Make sure your sneakers also provide good traction to avoid injuries. 

Beginners may consider using a heart monitor to evaluate the proper pace and distance for maximum benefit. Jogging is a workout and just like starting any new sport, it takes time to understand how your body will react to new physical challenges.

As with any aerobic and high-impact activity or sport, muscles and joints may become tense and sore after exercise. Use Emu Therapy products to help before your run to warm muscle tissue and ease joint pain for a more comfortable workout. Apply the roll-on topical aid again after jogging to minimize discomfort. Emu Therapy's Super Blue Stuff OTC all-natural topical pain reliever is available in several different sizes, along with the travel size (especially convenient to take along on your daily jog).





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