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Don't Paint Your Life Into a Corner, Discover Pain Free Living


Painting and creating is something you've always enjoyed. Yet recently, you've found painting is causing you a great deal of pain. Instead of giving up on painting altogether, use Super Blue Stuff OTC , an all-natural pain relief cream to provide you with the comfort you need to continue with your favorite activity. 


Why Keep Painting 

Should I even keep painting? This might be something you ask yourself often, especially if you are experiencing pain. You may say your work has never appeared in a museum or you've never sold any of your pieces. But remember, not everything you do has to have a specific end goal. Instead, you can engage in activities for pure entertainment. Painting brings great emotional and mental joy. It also exposes the artist to new mediums for creating the works and objects to paint. If you use Super Blue Stuff OTC to eliminate your pain, you can simply enjoy the act of creating your own art.  


How Painting Causes Pain 

You may simply feel pain in your hands or arms and not even realize that it is related to painting. While painting is not necessarily considered a rigorous activity, think about the ways one needs to hold the arms up so you can create the work. This can cause stress on the body. On top of that, one needs to have the ability to hold the brushes and to manipulate them in the way to create the right strokes. When you experience trouble with your hands, joints, and muscles, you might think you're losing the ability to paint. Once you begin to harness the power of Super Blue Stuff OTC, you regain your painting skills. 


Other Benefits to Pain Relief 

On top of having the ability to paint images as you did in the past, you can also venture out to find new scenes for inspiration. Since you began to feel pain in your hands and fingers, you may have had trouble operating a vehicle. Holding the steering wheel may hurt significantly. As a result, you may not drive nearly as much as you used to, or you might only venture out when you absolutely need to. Therefore, you have also lost the ability to find new landscapes and places to paint. Instead of having to live the rest of your life without inspiration, you can drive to the lake, beach or other natural landscapes that inspire you. Remember, however, you do not want to drive if it is unsafe to do so 


Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream with Emu Oil is the natural way to relieve muscle aches and joint pain. Made with the power of menthol, MSM, glucosamine and 11 therapeutic herbs, the lightweight cream goes on easy, leaves no greasy feel and is absorbed quickly and deeply in to the muscle and joints. Pain relief is quick and can come in as fast as five minutes. It is safe to use before or after any activity and has no negative side effects. 


For people with sensitive skin, try Super White Stuff OTC from Emu Therapy. It’s the same great over-the-counter pain relief cream but without any added color or fragrance. 


Painting is a beautiful art form. For some, it acts as a form of therapy. When they are feeling stressed, tired or worn down, they turn to painting to release their energy. For others, it is simply a fun activity they have loved since they were young kids. Whatever your reason is for loving the art of painting, you don't have to give up on it just because you've started to experience physical pain.



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