Skiing is a wonderful wintertime activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are looking to tone up, improve your cardiovascular health or just have some fun, you will find that skiing comes with many health benefits. All you need is a pair of skis and poles along with some protective gear and warm clothing to partake in this activity. You can enjoy some time on the slopes even more and reduce any muscle soreness or discomfort you may feel by using Emu Therapy's all-natural topical pain relief before and after you go skiing. 


Health Benefits of Skiing 

Skiing is particularly good for the lower body and can tone your thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The more you ski, the more your stamina will improve. Skiing also requires you to use your core muscles and balance and can further improve these areas of fitness. Just an hour of downhill skiing with minimal effort can burn around 340 calories. The increase in flexibility that you experience from skiing can keep your body limber and prevent certain injuries. 

Where to Ski 

Most mountain resorts have ski areas that feature runs for beginner, intermediate and experienced skiers. Some of the best ski resorts are located in Colorado, Utah and Vermont. If you care to ski abroad, you can visit the world-class ski resorts in Switzerland, France and Austria. There is also the option of going cross-country skiing on groomed trails that travel across flatter terrain. If you can’t access any snowy ski resorts or trails, you can try roller skiing to enjoy many of the same health benefits. 

The Natural Difference 

The all-natural topical pain relief cream, like Super Blue Stuff OTC,  can alleviate aches and soreness in the feet, legs, back, arms, neck, or any other muscle pain that you might experience from skiing. For the best results, try using one of Emu Therapy's all-natural pain relief products prior to your warmup and immediately after skiing. The roll-on products and travel packs are perfect to take with you on your journey to the slopes. Our products contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, marigold extract and coriander oil, and have no negative side effects from long-term use. 





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