The Health Benefits of Softball 


Eye on the ball 

Softball challenges the hand-eye coordination part of your brain The cerebellum is exercised each time you're at bat and the ball is pitched. These reflexes are applied when you raise your glove high to catch a pop. And when you run to gather a ground ball into your glove, you're using and improving your hand-eye coordination. 


Upper cut 

Softball calls on you to use your arms, shoulders, back, and your core strength. Throwing, running, and pitching can give you a more muscular upper body. 


Catch some cardio 

Play an hour's worth of softball and you can burn about 350 calories. Sprinting between bases, hitting a triple, or hitting one deep for a home run all gets your heart pumping. 


Strike up friendships 

Team play strengthens your community connections as much as it strengthens your body. Playfully struggling through nine innings together can bring you closer to neighbors, coworkers, or church pew-mates 


Risks of Injury

Regardless of which position you play, softball can be destructive on your joints 

  • Pitchers and fielders can be hit by "little league elbow," caused by overuse of the tendons in the forearms, elbows, and wrists. 
  • Catchers shift from standing to kneeling to squatting positions over and over during the course of a game. All of this up-and-down motion can lead to knee tendonitis. Kneepads provide some cushion but don't eliminate the risk. 
  • Much of the power of an individual pitch comes from the shoulder strength and wrist control of the pitcher. Shoulder tendonitis and torn rotator cuffs are unfortunately common among pitchers. 

As a precaution, those with existing joint conditions or prior injuries should consult their doctor before playing softball. 


Aches, pains, and sprains 

Softball players may get banged-up as they tumble, run, or overstretch. Muscle sprains and strains can occur, like wrist sprains when a player lands on their outstretched hand, or when a shortstop lands wrong on their ankle. 


Conditioning counts 

Practice, conditioning, and care can help prevent most softball injuries. Warm up with a jog around the bases. Swing the bat around a bit to loosen up your joints. Take a few practice pitches.  


The ball isn't that soft 

Impact injuries from getting hit by a softball do happen. Protective gear is recommended. Keep your head under a helmet when batting, and if playing catcher, wear chest and neck protectors. 


Be Proactive When It Comes to Aches and Pains 

While softball can be an incredibly fun and fitness-enhancing sport to play, it's important to know you may experience aches and pains as a result of the physical activity. However, you don't have to put up with the inconvenience and irritation of the pain. Instead, reach for BLUESPRING’s Super Blue Stuff otc Pain Relief Cream.  


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  • 3 oz. Roll-on allows for no hands application 
  • 12 oz. pump is perfect for multiple users 


Whether it’s to prevent pain or lessen the after effects of activity, Super Blue Stuff otc can get you back in the game. 





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