Dive into the Deep End


If you're looking for a physical activity that will engage multiple muscle groups, strengthen your heart, and tone your body, then head to your local pool. Swimming is a powerful form of exercise. It improves cardiovascular health, tones muscles, and strengthens bones. Because it isn't a weight-bearing activity, those with joint pain can tolerate swimming, and topical pain relief products will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Exercising at the pool can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are multiple ways to get fit in a pool. For example, you can swim laps or do stationary moves in the water. Swimming can be as effective as land-based cardio activities because the water provides resistance that your muscles must work to overcome.

Plus, adults enjoy mental and emotional benefits from swimming. This sport reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality and eases chronic stress. Three 30-minute sessions a week will help improve your overall mood. Swimming also encourages social interaction with others at the pool.

Swimming strengthens bones, which makes it a natural osteoporosis preventative as you age. Research has also demonstrated that swimming is an ideal form of exercise for people with osteoarthritis because the water feels good to sore bodies.

Soreness from Swimming

For people with chronic pain, such as those with osteoarthritis, the water can have a soothing effect. Swimming is not a weight-bearing activity, so it doesn't exacerbate joint pain like land-based exercise does.

Even still, swimming does require that you engage muscles from all over your body, and without proper care, you will probably feel the effects of your workout the next day. Particularly if you already deal with daily aches and pains, this fear may tempt you to avoid swimming. Fortunately, topical pain relief products can be the antidote for this fear.

Pain Relief for Swimmers

Natural pain relief formulas allow you to participate in your favorite activities, including swimming, without sacrificing comfort. Our topical pain relief products:

  • Provide quick pain relief.
  • Do not cause side effects.
  • Have a pleasant smell.

Therefore, you'll feel good about using Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff on a daily basis.

In fact, you should use these products twice during each workout. First, apply your pain relief product before you begin to exercise. This will help ward off aches and pains during the warm-up portion of your session. Make applying our product a regular part of your pre-swimming routine: Put on your suit, apply Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff, grab your towel, and head to the water!

Then, after you are finished swimming, apply another round of the product. This will help ward off any post-workout soreness. For the rest of the day--and the next day, too--instead of feeling sorry that you gave yourself an aching body, you'll feel pleased that you made the healthy choice to exercise.

Convenient Pain Relief

To speed along the process of getting to the pool, you should keep a bag packed with your swimming gear. You may want to include goggles, earplugs, a bathing cap or shampoo. Of course, you'll want a dry suit and towel, too!

Our pain relief products should be an essential part of your swimming gear as well. We offer convenient travel sizes and roll-on packages that you can easily keep in your swim bag at all times.

Don't let the fear of pain hold you back from physical fitness! When you make our natural pain relief products a regular part of your swimming routine, you can get in shape the comfortable way.





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