What is Capsicum Heat Booster?

What is Capsicum Heat Booster?

Debra Murray


Capsicum Heat Booster was created by BLUESPRING for a safe and effective boost of heat to enhance your pain management.


Capsicum Heat Booster is delivered in a massaging roll-on application with ingredients that hare proven to enhance the pain-relieving power of Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC - without any negative side effects – only positive ones.

The combination of natural ingredients is carefully formulated and documented to provide a heating warmth and relief. What makes this Booster powerful is in its twofold results. It is made to boost and complement the BLUESPRING pain relief products but also works effectively on its own.


Everyone’s pain is unique – and sometimes you may experience a unique challenge from your own body – it could be one small ache in your neck that just lingers on and on or even a creaky knee that is not easily relieved with your regular routine. This is when a extra boost of warming relief may just do what it takes to finally conquer this unrelenting pain.


You may not need it every day and you may not need it for every part of your body – but when you need a boost of heat in a massaging relief – Capsicum Heat Booster by BLUESPRING is here and ready to deliver


How Does Capsicum Heat Booster Help my Problem?

Each person’s pain is unique. Sometimes the medication that helps one back pain sufferer may not be efficient for another back pain sufferer. Rather than increasing your medication dosage, or being prescribed even more powerful pharmaceutical drugs, you can get relief by using a safer alternative.

The safest way to get relief from stubborn and persistent pain is by using natural herbal ingredients that you can customize to treat your own particular intensity and type of pain. The fast-acting pain relieving properties of Super Blue Stuff OTC can now be enhanced by the use of Capsicum Heat Booster to bring extraordinary and optimized relief.

So, your knees are painful and, even though you take painkillers, your knees still hurt when you walk up and down the stairs or when you go to the grocery store. What more can you do? The answer is Super Blue Stuff OTC combined with the enhancing power of Capsicum Heat Booster.

When you put a small amount of the fast-acting Super Blue Stuff OTC on your knees, the active ingredient, Menthol combined with the penetrating properties of Emu Oil, begins to relieve the pain. A little goes a long way. When you then add the roll-on Capsicum Heat Booster on top of the Super Blue Stuff OTC, the pain-relieving properties are ramped up to provide strong and penetrating heated relief.

Relief can be felt in as little as a few minutes. Because BLUESPRING Pain Relief products provide topical pain relief, you can focus on just the area or areas that are painful. This makes it extremely cost-effective.

What are the seemingly magical ingredients and compounds in Capsicum Heat Booster?

The answer: Safe, natural and effective ingredients:

Capsicum Frutescens

Capsicums are chili peppers, and they have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Capsicum frutescens exerts a powerful and noteworthy analgesic effect, deadening pain. For more than two decades, capsicum has been FDA-approved for use as an ingredient in pain relief products.

Aloe Barbadensis

Commonly known as Aloe Vera and used extensively to soothe sunburn, this plant has proved its pain relieving properties for nearly six thousand years. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties and, when combined with capsicum, it exerts swift and powerful relief.

Arnica Montana Flower

Wolfsbane, as this plant is commonly known, has long been used in poultices for relieving localized pain. Indeed, studies have shown that Arnica Montana extract of equal potency can be just as effective for topical pain relief as ibuprofen.

Olive Oil

Olive oil possesses remarkable cleansing and healing properties. The pharmaceutical industry often uses olive oil as one of the chief ingredients in successful pain relieving products.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is obtained from the flightless Australian bird. This highly prized ingredient has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Because its benefits are so strong, it can even be applied directly to the skin for almost instantaneous relief. It has been studied and proven as a natural anti-inflammatory.


The Combination is Powerful
As you will see from the ingredients listed above, Capsicum Heat Booster is made from natural, wholesome ingredients whose pain relieving properties have stood the test of time. Men and women alike can reap the benefits of Capsicum Heat Booster, and it is a particularly useful pain relief booster for topical application.


It will not interact negatively with any prescription medications that you may be taking for more serious medical conditions. Why put up with reduced mobility, aching joints and loss of independence. The fast, relieving benefits of Capsicum Heat Booster and Super Blue Stuff OTC can give you a renewed lease on life!

We are proud of our quality…

All of our products are made according to Good Manufacturing Practices in the U.S.A., and each ingredient is tested for efficacy and stability. These are the reasons why our products work so well. You can be assured that our products are safe and effective.

Healthy Tips

Increased age carries the potential for increased body pains. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle as we age is the secret to achieving optimum well-being. Doing so will reduce the number of visits to medical providers, save money and ease the transition into a healthy old age.

Everyone – no matter what their age - can be pro-active in preventing or managing pain, and there are many ways to do this.


A regular program of exercise can ease or prevent body pains. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, cycling and walking can lead to weight loss. A lower body weight means less stress on knees, hips and other joints. According to arthritistoday.org, research shows that a loss of just 11 pounds in body weight can decrease the risk of osteoarthritis in your knee by a staggering 50 percent. Weight loss will also improve your overall joint health.

Strength training increases bone density. Numerous studies show that weight training provides excellent health benefits, no matter what age it is started. The important thing is to begin. One of the major benefits is an increase in bone density. Stronger bones help people live healthier and more independent lives.

Focus on Bone Health

Calcium is a mineral that is vital for bone health. Foods rich in calcium include milk, yogurts, cheese, sardines, leafy green vegetables and fortified foods such as cereals, orange juice and breads.

Learn how to address specific pains

There are actions that you can take to address different aches and pains so as to lessen the discomfort or prevent the pain in the first place.

Neck pain

o Maintain proper posture when standing or sitting.
o Take frequent breaks when using the computer.
o If you have a home office, invest in ergonomically-designed desks and chairs.
o Make sure your mattress supports your body properly.
o Learn proper neck and shoulder exercises such as shoulder shrugs and circling, and do them regularly.
o Ladies who frequent beauty salons should make sure that their necks are properly supported when getting their hair washed. Too often, chairs are not properly adjusted, leading to debilitating neck pain.
o If you sleep on your side, put a firm pillow or cushion between your knees to main proper alignment and to take the pressure off your neck.

Back pain

o Remain active. It sounds counter-intuitive, but light activity on a daily basis is much better for back pain than staying in bed when you are experiencing back pain.
o Use a cushion to properly support your back when you are sitting in the car or on the sofa.
o Stretch gently each day.
o Lift children or grocery bags carefully. Use your legs, not your back.

Explore alternative medicines

A chiropractor can manipulate the back and neck to provide pain relief. He or she can also give advice on proper posture and body alignment.

Many people swear by yoga and Pilates for pain relief, and some people derive great benefit from massage and acupuncture.

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Recent Studies Prove Traditional Remedies Work

A great deal of research has been carried out on the pain relieving benefits of topical capsicum. This naturally-derived product has been used by Native Americans for millennia. The active ingredient aids pain reduction. Many creams and ointments that are currently sold over the counter in the United States and Europe have pain relieving applications.

A 2013 research conducted at the University Of Maryland Medical Center looked at a number of studies that were conducted between 1991 and 2009. The researchers concluded that capsicum has been shown to provide pain relief for a number of different body pains that include arthritic pain, pain from shingles and muscle pains.

The researchers found that, when applied to the skin at the area of pain, capsicum provides powerful pain relief. They claim that capsicum lessens the level of a chemical that they call substance P. Substance P is a chemical messenger that carries pain impulses to the brain. When substance P is reduced, the pain impulses do not reach the brain, so we get pain relief.

From their studies, capsicum is recommended as pain relief for:

- Nerve pain, post herpetic neuralgia and shingles pain.
- Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint and muscle pains.
- Surgical, amputation and mastectomy pain.
- Lower back pain: Their studies indicate that creams containing capsicum can effectively reduce pain in the lower back.
- Pain as a result of diabetes: This includes nerve damage in the legs or the feet, often referred to as diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

In the news…..

Many studies and news reports proclaim the pain relieving benefits of capsicum. According to a February 2012 report at abcnews.go.com, medical experts support the claims. Indeed, the director of integrative medicine within the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami is a proponent of the use of capsicum to effectively relieve pain. Dr. Ashwin Mehta says that capsicum is beneficial in the treatment of all types of arthritis pain, and is also useful for treating painful dermatological conditions and neuropathic pain.

Capsicums exert a powerful effect on endorphins in the body. The endorphins lessen the body’s perception of pain. As the co-founder and director of the Chili Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University, Paul Bosland claims that the heat from the capsicum is interpreted as pain, so the body produces more endorphins to block the pain.

Surely, it is much better to use natural remedies for relief. Each day we learn more about the dangers of prescription drugs and other potentially dangerous pain pills. Natural pain relief is not only a better choice -- it is a safer choice!




















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