Video Games

Health Benefits of Video Games 

Video games, how we view them and how we play has changed dramatically since the turn of the century. Virtual reality, motion sensing consoles, and even mobile devices are the new norm in gaming. But is it healthy? In moderation, yes. Video games have been proven to improve many aspects of physical and emotional health. 


Many games are tailored to different health needs in specific fields, mostly video games for the brain. But even "normal" games can improve your well-being. If you look around the next time you're at the doctor, many waiting rooms now have gaming consoles, and they're not just for the kids.  


Schools now have video games for students, as well. Let's delve into why these changes are occurring. As an aside, you should discuss plans with your physician before taking up any new activity designed to impact your health.  


It is imperative to stretch beforehand and move around regularly to avoid stiffness and increased pain. Using a safe, topical pain reliever can ease some of the pains and loosen you up for a more enjoyable experience. Super Blue Stuff is an incredible topical analgesic and it also comes in a variety of sizes for on the go.  
Here are some possibly surprising health benefits of video games:


Cognitive Improvements

Video games have been proven to aid in many areas of cognitive function. Memory, coordination, and problem-solving skills are among the top benefits of video games on the brain. Video games are a popular new type of therapy for older patients that may be experiencing some memory and other cognition issues. Playing video games also helps you focus on one problem at a time. Learning problem-solving skills are also a major benefits.


Physical Exercise 

A lot of game systems now employ motion detecting games and accessories. These have a wide variety of video games available designed to help you get up and move around. This is ideal for people that can't get out much but need more physical activity. Video games and carpal tunnel doesn't usually combine for a good time. Motion games can get you moving, be having fun, and without increased pain even if your hands hurt too bad to hold a controller or mouse. 


Social Interactions 

It sounds like a contradiction, but the social benefits of video games would surprise you. There are multitudes of online multiplayer games. Many gamers have made long-lasting friendships within the community. People with social anxiety are able to experience a social atmosphere that doesn't completely overwhelm them and can them to build up more confidence for real-world situations. 


Emotional Outlet 

Everybody needs an outlet for emotions. Many people do art, read, or garden. Those things are not for everyone. Playing a game helps alleviate frustration, calm a racing mind, and shift your thoughts to a more pleasant task. 


Video games are not what most of us grew up with or watched our children play. There have been amazing advancements in video games, and the demographics have expanded right along with the technology. Not only have we been provided more ways to enjoy our time, but there are surprising health benefits of video games. Explore these exciting new possibilities to improve your life. 






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