Foot and Leg Comfort Pain Relief Cream to Revitalize and Refresh Sore Tired Feet and Legs

Foot and Leg Comfort Pain Relief Cream is specially formulated to attack pain in feet and legs. Powerful menthol relieves pain quickly, often in as little as 5 minutes after applying to the area. Fast acting arnica addresses swelling and bruising. Soothing emu oil and aloe vera help all the herbs and oils absorb into the skin and address the pain at its source. Additionally, Foot and Leg Comfort contains ingredients to deodorize naturally and adds a light peach fragrance that dissipates quickly.

As an OTC drug, it is recognized as a medical solution to many common problems people have in feet and legs, including cramping, pulled and strained muscles, aches from overuse, sprained ankles, stretched tendons, and bruises. It is also 100% safe for diabetics to use on pain in feet and legs that can accompany diabetes. With no negative side effects, you can use Foot and Leg Comfort again and again, day after day for a long period of time, even indefinitely for chronic pain.


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