Life is full of obstacles. Challenges lurk around every corner. It is impossible to make it through without grit all over you and stains that may never come out, not to mention a few bumps and bruises. You will hurt in places you didn’t realize you had. But in the end, all of the struggle is worth the achievement and pride in being able to say, “I did it.”


At Emu Therapy, we understand what it takes to succeed in today’s world when others underestimate you and try to put you in a box. Sometimes all you need is a little support from your friends and others around you. Other times, you need to be hauled over a wall you can’t climb on your own. Nothing can prove your ability like a difficult situation, and no matter what the outcome, nothing can diminish your worth.


Emu Therapy cheers on every woman who takes on the challenges of the Muddy Princess course, and every woman who takes on the challenges of life. We also know that after the day is done, you may be in pain from some of the rough spots or from pushing your limits. That’s good, because growth comes from testing how far you can go, but we have products for what ails you.


Stop Your Pain from Holding You Back and Start Making Memories Today.



Super Blue Stuff OTC, our natural pain relief product made with 23 natural ingredients, 11 of them powerful herbs, will take the pain from joints, muscles, and bruises. Did you sprain your ankle? Did you strain your back? Super Blue Stuff is the answer you need. We also have a dye-free and fragrance-free version called Super White Stuff OTC. You can check out Foot and Leg Comfort for a product specially designed for the feet and legs. And don’t forget our Pain Relief Boosters – Menthol Spray Booster, Arnica Cream Booster, and Capsicum Roll-on Booster to accentuate the pain relief product you choose.



Emu oil has been used for centuries for countless purposes. It is a natural oil from the emu bird of Australia, and not only is a great moisturizer, but it reduces inflammation and other related problems. Drop some in your bath water and soak it in, or rub it on dry skin to feel the moisture return immediately. It’s also a great make-up remover!



Emu Therapy uses natural ingredients like aloe vera, emu oil, and other herbs and oils to provide healthy skin care products like our Peach Facial Moisturizer, Firming Lift Cream, and all of our products. Try them out or dive right in. You won’t be disappointed.



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We all recognize that knowledge is key to achieving your goals. That is why Emu Therapy provides our Wellness Blog along with Remedies and Activities listings to help you understand not only what you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also why some things help more than others. You can research your specific obstacles, from the many forms of arthritis to what it takes to recover after a particularly hard work out. We share ideas of how you can work healthy choices into different life situations and suggest activities that can keep you going while having fun. Subscribe to our email newsletter and you’ll start to see how sharing information builds everyone up.


For those with more of an appetite for information, Emu Therapy lists scientific studies that relate to the impacts of some of our key ingredients and products. We also have free downloadable reports on specific health issues from headaches to weight management, stress, hair loss, and more. Go to the Knowledge Center section of our web site to get a taste of what’s available.







“I have been using Super White Stuff for many years, and it is one of the best products I have ever used. I have back pain that is mainly from arthritis and when I apply the Super White Stuff the pain goes away in a matter of minutes.“
~ Satisfied Customer


“There is nothing that is not great about Super Blue Stuff. If you suffer pain anywhere anytime use this product. It has kept me alive through debilitating pain when nothing else could.“
~ Satisfied Customer


“You can throw out any other moisturizer or beauty cream in your cabinets. [Peach Facial Moisturizer] is ALL you need, and it's amazing! My skin thanks me every time I look in the mirror. Wrinkles so noticeably lessened with ONE use I could hardly believe it! And softness/smoothness? Unbelievable. And I'm in the "over 50" crowd! Did I tell you how my feet love it? No more dry callouses or flakey skin. It's almost like stealing skin from a 20-yr-old!“
~ Satisfied Customer


“Pure Prime Emu Oil is a GREAT all around product for cold and sun damaged skin. I keep finding new applications for this product. You don't have to over do it, a little goes a long way.“
~ Satisfied Customer


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