Increase Effectiveness with Boosters

Sometimes, joint and muscle pain is so severe that a person needs something extra to help relieve it fast without turning to dangerous prescription painkillers and other drugs. That is why we created our special line of boosters. These boosters are a series of the topical sprays, creams, and roll-on ointments that can be used safely together with all of our other pain relief products. Simply apply a thin layer of one of the boosters on top of the Super Blue Stuff OTC or other pain relieving product of your choice. In a matter of minutes, the pain will be reduced or even completely disappear. Our boosters come in generous sizes. Similar to all of our other products, they contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives, so you are able to use them as often as you need. In fact, we often recommend that our customers order a booster along with their other pain relief products, as pain can strike at any time. We have boosters that contain arnica, capsaicin, and menthol. With our variety of products, you can choose which works best for your health needs.


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