Ballroom Dancing

Waltz Your Way to Fitness with Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing, a popular activity worldwide, is fun and easy for people of all ages. There are international and regional contests for couples to enter and win prizes. While ballroom dancing may have originated in Europe long ago, it has spread to other countries, including China where people dance in city parks for exercise. Everyone enjoys ballroom dancing because it has both simple movements appropriate for amateurs, and complex movements appropriate for experts. Today, there are television programs devoted to celebrities competing in dancing contests, including ballroom dancing. 


Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness 

For anyone trying to remain physically fit, ballroom dancing is perfect because it uses all the body’s muscle groups. The health benefits of dance are numerous! But why is dance good for you? Dance is a weight-bearing activity, which builds bone and upper body strength. Once your dance has elevated your heart rate, you end up with a great workout. Some individuals enjoy the social aspect of ballroom. Socializing with others on a regular basis is an important way to remain mentally healthy to avoid depression. For people who love listening to music and expressing their emotions, ballroom dancing is a perfect fit. 


Dancing falls into “moderate activity” category for exercise. USDA physical activity guidelines call for 30 minutes of daily moderate activity, so dancing can help fill your daily requirements


Dancing Can Lead to Discomfort 

The traditional form of ballroom dance is a waltz, but it is also possible to perform tangos, foxtrots and rumbas. Fortunately, ballroom dancing is an activity that is suitable for any age, including individuals over age 50. Dance movements can keep muscles toned and joints flexible. Dancing often requires moving backwards. This works muscles in a completely different way then other types of exercise. Dancing will also result in strong core muscles, the abs and back. The flash may be in the arm and leg movements, but those movements require strong core muscles. 


Dancing can also occasionally cause discomfort in sensitive areas such as the feet, knees or hips. The most common reason for pain when dancing is due to poor warm-ups, but sometimes an individual will also land on their feet incorrectly or twist a knee while performing a spin. 


Protect Muscles and Joints 

Because dancing can burn calories, increase lung capacity, and improve blood circulation, it is important to find effective pain relief quickly to get back onto the dance floor. Pain relieving capsules and tablets require several hours to digest, enter the bloodstream and frequently cause side effects such as nausea. To soothe discomfort in muscles in the back, feet or knees, apply a topical ointment that is absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. Dancers can apply BLUESPRING Wellness' Super Blue Stuff OTC, an all-natural pain relief cream, before dancing to prepare their joints and muscles for exercise. 


Soothing Pain Relief Ointment 

Super Blue Stuff OTC is a natural, lightweight cream available without a prescription. This soothing cream is easy to apply to skin and has a pleasant peachy fragrance, all while providing natural joint and muscle pain relief. It is available in different sizes, from 1 oz. jar to 12 oz. Pump. It is perfect to keep at home or carry in a bag to a dance studio. Instead of a cream that requires application with the hands, ballroom dancers can pack a roll-on container of Super Blue Stuff OTC in a gym bag to have relief from pain in muscles, tendons and joints in as little as five minutes


If you are sensitive to fragrance or color, try Super White Stuff OTC. It has all the same great, pain fighting ingredients found in Super Blue Stuff OTC but with no trace amounts of fragrance or colors. Apply it freely without worry. You will get the fast, effective pain relief in as little as five minutes. 


If your feet are feeling tired after a night of dancing or just a long day, revive them with Foot and Leg Comfort Cream with Emu Oil. This cooling cream helps improve circulation to revitalize tired legs and feet. As an added benefit, it reduces swelling and deeply moisturizes feet, legs and cracked heels.



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