Shoot Baskets to Better Health 


Every year basketball grows in popularity as many active adults seek an engaging, interactive sport to get the heart pumping and blood flowing. If you're interested in a great workout while having fun, basketball could be right up your alley. Basketball can be played as a team sport, one-on-one or even by yourself. You want to be sure to get the best experience possible while playing basketball, it is important to protect yourself with an ideal pain relief cream, before and after play. 


Why Basketball? 

Basketball involves a lot of starting and stopping. While not renowned as an aerobic sport, it is still a great workout to help you: 


  • Burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories) 
  • Build endurance 
  • Improve balance and coordination 
  • Develop concentration and self-discipline 
  • Build up muscle 


All of this physical activity results in a great cardiovascular workout that can tone the body while also functioning as a weight management endeavor. In other words, basketball will get you into great shape! There are many workouts for basketball that you can do to condition your body. Basketball can also be used as a mechanism through which to de-stress and socialize.   


The Right Pain Relief Cream Is Important 

If you've recently decided to take up basketball, finding the right pain relief cream is important. Starting any sport will involve using your limbs and muscles in new ways, which could result in minor aches and pains, and basketball can be especially challenging in the beginning. To avoid the muscle and joint pain that a new sport can sometimes cause, you need a high quality, proven product that works. Good thing that product is BLUESPRING’s Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream.  


Discover Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream 

Super Blue Stuff OTC is an excellent, over-the-counter topical pain relief cream, which will brighten your day by alleviating any aches or pains encountered as you play basketball. A few of the product benefits: 

  • Easy application 
  • Multiple sizes (including travel size) 
  • Safe for 50+ crowd 
  • Suitable for women and men 
  • Starts working fast, in as little as five minutes! 
  • Concentrated ingredients 
  • Effective in treating backaches, joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, myalgia, strains, and sprains  


Playing basketball is the great way to get active and optimize your health. To ensure you enjoy the sport to the fullest, make sure you are fighting the onset of pain with the use of Super Blue Stuff OTC pain relief cream!  


BLUESPRING’s Super Blue Stuff OTC pain relief cream is safe for use both before and after your basketball game. The best part? It provides natural joint and muscle pain relief! Super Blue Stuff OTC is made up of all-natural ingredients and unlike other topical pain creams, it smells wonderful! Just rub a small amount on muscles and joints before the game to prevent aches and pains plus warm up the muscles. It’s also great after the game to limit or eradicate discomfort in both muscles and joints.  


If you are sensitive to fragrance or color, try Super White Stuff OTC. It has all the same great, pain fighting ingredients found in Super Blue Stuff OTC but with no trace amounts of fragrance or colors. Apply it freely without worry. You will get the fast, effective pain relief in as little as five minutes. 


If running up and down the court or shooting too many three point shots is causing pain in your ankle, knee or elbows, Joint Support may be the answer. In order to have well-conditioned joints, all of the chemistry in your body has to be just right. BLUESPRING has carefully formulated a safe, natural and easy to take supplement that contains both herbal nutrients and botanical extracts specifically chosen for joint mobility, cartilage health, healthy inflammatory response and maintenance of synovial fluid. 





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