With a nickname of “Chess On Ice,” curling is also a sport somewhat related to shuffleboard and was originally played in late medieval Scotland. There are two teams with four players on each. The teams alternate sliding polished heavy granite stones called rocks on a sheet of ice towards a target area named the “house.” Each team has eight stones. Each player places and throws two stones, while their teammates direct the stone towards the house. The object of the game is to have more stones closer to the center than the opponents once 16 stones have been thrown. 

Wheelchair Curling

This has been adapted for wheelchair users who may use a device known as a "delivery stick" where the cue holds on to the stone's handle and is pushed along by the curler. At the delivery's end, the curler pulls back on the cue, which makes it release from the stone. That delivery stick was specifically invented in 1999 for elderly Canadian curlers. In 2016, an international initiative began to allow the use of delivery sticks in World Curling Federation Senior Championships by players that were over 60 years of age. 

Some Health Benefits of Curling

Aerobic fitness: Working in the cold burns more calories, increases your heart rate because you run back and forth, and improves the cardiovascular system.

Muscle strengthening: Being in a constant squatting position and sliding on the ice and vigorously sweeping strengthens the glutes, calves, and quadriceps and provides a good core workout. 

Social interaction and fun: Curling clubs present a place where people can form friendships with others who have the same interest, talk with others about this sport that is enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages, and take on leadership roles, all of which increase confidence and resiliency. 

Pain Relief 

An active adult will better enjoy curling or any favorite sport by using a topical and safe pain relief herbal product beforehand to warm up, to avoid pain and soreness after the game, and to keep the muscles warm.

A variety of all-natural muscle and joint pain relief products have been created by BLUESPRING to accommodate your needs by penetrating each layer of skin to provide maximum pain relief and decrease swelling and inflammation. Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream is an all-natural pain relief cream that can provide freedom from pain in as quickly as five minutes. It comes in various sizes, and the travel and roll-on packs are an ideal answer for activities when you are away from home curling. 




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