Horseback Riding

Manage Your Pain and Stress With Horseback Riding


There is something about a horse that is good for a person. From the outside it seems like horseback riding is very simple. A rider has to command the horse and horse will do all the work. However, there is more to horseback riding than you would expect. There two major horseback riding styles. 


What makes the English riding style different from other riding styles is the fact that there is no horn on the saddle. There are also different disciplines in English riding like:


  • Hunter
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Show jumping


Western riding originated from farm riders because they were using different and aggressive riding skills to take control of their horses to herd their cattle. Some common disciplines of Western you should consider are:


  • Reining
  • Barrel Racing
  • Cutting
  • Calf Roping


Benefits of Horseback Riding



Horseback riding is often used as a form of physical and mental therapy. When a person sits on the horse their body relaxes. During riding when fresh air touches their face it creates a sense of pleasure and happiness. Horseback riding has also been proven therapeutic for chronic back pain. Due to the natural gait of the animal, it can help soothe spinal problems such as scoliosis. 



For some people, it is only a source of enjoyment. They have a genuine love for the animals and ride in their spare time. 



There are several horseback riding competitions. The most common competitions are the Rodeos, Polo, and Horse Jumping. 

Importance of pain management 

Horseback Riding is a great way to deal with stress and other issues. However, most of the time people forget about the pain they will have to deal with after the riding session. They often pay attention towards the warmup exercises. Riders should know about the importance of applying topical pain relief cream, like Super Blue Stuff OTC before and after a horse riding in order to manage pain.

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