Serve Up Pain Free Fun 


Active seniors are always on the go, involved in numerous activities, and participating in sports. Being active, especially playing sports, offers seniors the opportunity to get exercise, create friendships, and participate in group activities. Pickleball has become increasingly popular within the active adult community.  


Pickleball got its start in 1965, when three fathers from Washington state decided to create a game to entertain their kids during summer break. From there it has spread to all 50 states, with an estimated 2.46 million players in 2015. 


The game is simple! It borrows principles from badminton, tennis and ping pong, bringing all of those elements together to create Pickleball. It’s played on a badminton sized court with a modified tennis net. The players wield paddles and play with a plastic ball. Pickleball is played by people of all ages but is seeing growth within the active senior community due to its moderate activity level and its social benefits 



For active adults interested in adding this, or any other sport to their list of activities, it is important to warm-up before getting on the court. Warming up cold muscles and joints can sometimes bring on pain. Using Super Blue Stuff OTC can help relieve the pain before it starts and gets the muscles relaxed and ready.  


Let’s Play! 

The game can be played individually, singles”, or players can pair up for a doubles” match. It starts with an underhand serve hit diagonally across the net to the opponent's landing area. The ball must bounce once before it can be returned and the serving side must also let it bounce before their first return. After the first two bounces, the ball no longer has to bounce before being returned. Play continues until it is missed or hit out, called a “fault.” If the serving team scores, they retain their serve until they commit a fault. Once the serving team commits a fault, the ball switches to the other player/team. Points can only be made by the serving player/team. Games are played to 11 and the winning team or player must win by 2. 


This fun game is low impact, high activity and great for making friends. It can be played with a lot of energy and action or just leisurely fun between friends. No matter the pace, after the game, one’s muscles and joints may be sore and aching. Applying Super Blue Stuff OTC will help in relieving the pain if not completely taking it away. Just rub over the affected areas. Super Blue Stuff OTC is considered by many as one of the best all natural pain relief creams. The cooling menthol along with emu oil, MSM, glucosamine and 11 therapeutic herbs is absorbed quickly through the skin, reaching muscles and joints quickly. It provides quick and long-lasting relief. Many people experience relief in as fast as five minutes!  


When you’re ready to hit the court, make sure Super Blue Stuff OTC is in your gym bag. The 3 oz. roll-on is great to take along for a no fuss application. The no-hands application means you can apply as needed without having to stop to wash your hands. Stay active with the knowledge Super Blue Stuff OTC will help keep you in the game. 







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