Is Pilates Right for You? 


Pilates is an exercise that has become popular in the last 20 years and continues to remain strong. Pilates is often confused with yoga, but it is actually a modern activity, unlike yoga which has been practiced for over 1500 years.  


Pilates began in the 1920's when Joseph Pilates developed a series of moves to aid in the rehabilitation of WWI soldiers. It was also developed for dancers, Martha Graham and George Balanchine. The basic tenets Joseph Pilates set down are still in use today with very few modifications.  


This exercise system is designed to improve flexibility, strength and body awareness while avoiding adding bulk to your body. Pilates can be done using specially designed apparatus to achieve the desired goal or it may be achieved using specific moves on a mat. Pilates is based on resistance and is not cardio, though the heart rate can become elevated during the workout. 


Pilates works the core muscles: spine, abdomen, pelvis and hips. The focus during a workout is to concentrate on these core muscles along with breathing. The object is the quality of the moves, not the quantity. 


Benefits Of Pilates 

In addition to helping participants strengthen their core, Pilates offers a wide range of benefits. 


  • Weight management. Losing weight involves burning more calories than you take in. Pilates can help you burn more calories during the day and aid with your weight loss routine. 
  • Improve strength and flexibility. 
  • Low-impact so it’s easier on the joints. 


Finding the Right Pain Relief 

When beginning a new exercise routine, you will be using muscles in new ways. The result is often sore muscles and joints afterwards. Emu Therapy has the answer! Using Super Blue Stuff OTC before, during and after can reduce and even eliminate muscle soreness. It is an all-natural over-the-counter pain relief cream. 


Apply a little Super Blue Stuff OTC while warming up. The lightweight cream is absorbed fast and never leaves a greasy feel. The power of menthol is quickly absorbed deeply into the skin to warm up and loose muscles making your workout easier to get through. Use it during and after workouts too. Super Blue Stuff provides relief in as fast as five minutes so you can get on with your workout and any activity you have planned for the rest of your day. Many people consider it to be one of the best natural pain relief creams.  


If you suffer from joint and muscle pain, reach for Super Blue Stuff OTC. If you have sensitive skin, Super White Stuff OTC may be the right pain relief cream for you. It is 100% natural with no added color or fragrance. With regular use of Blue or White, you may discover diminishing aches and pain from: 


  • Joint pain 
  • Arthritis 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Myalgia 
  • Backaches 
  • Sprains 
  • Strains 


Summing It All Up 

If you're interested in optimizing wellness in order to lead a healthier life, you should know Pilates may be the perfect solution for you. To ensure you can minimize and alleviate any and all forms of discomfort resulting from the exercise, be sure to reach for Super Blue Stuff OTC!



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