Can You Shop Carbon Negative? YES, YOU CAN!

Can You Shop Carbon Negative? YES, YOU CAN!

Stephen Eastmond

One of the big worries about the world today is climate change. While there is political back and forth about the causes, responsibility, and necessary responses, everyday individuals generally recognize that the environment is not as good as it used to be, and that humans need to do something about making it better for ourselves and our children. Without getting into political debates, Emu Therapy wants to play its part in helping to leave the Earth better than we found it because we believe in the magic of nature, and that means taking steps to reduce impacts that damage the environment. 


The Carbon Equation 

Carbon dioxide is a gas that we all emit every day as we live and breathe - literally. Certain other activities create more carbon dioxide, like burning wood, coal, or petroleum fuels. Scientists have known for a long time that carbon dioxide traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere, which impacts the overall climate of the planet. In recent years, people and industries have adopted terminology around carbon dioxide as an equation - are you adding to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, keeping it even, or reducing it? For many, carbon neutral is a reasonable goal, indicating that someone is keeping the carbon dioxide level even rather than adding to it. If the carbon dioxide level is a problem, then at least we're not making it worse. To reduce the overall carbon dioxide level would be considered carbon negative, and is what some see as necessary to really make a difference in how our world will look for generations to come.


Efforts We're Making 

Emu Therapy currently works with a company called EcoCart to offer our customers the option to contribute toward projects that actively reduce the carbon dioxide output into the atmosphere. Some of these projects are about reducing carbon-emitting activities where possible, and others are about removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as by planting trees that pull this gas from the air and replace it with oxygen through their natural processes. EcoCart has made calculations to offset the carbon footprint of each product, so that a pre-determined dollar value added to an order will fund carbon dioxide reduction projects to reduce carbon output by as much as the product's manufacture and transportation added, leaving the equation balanced. For those customers who are concerned about their carbon dioxide impact, this gives them the ability to shop without worry of what their purchase means for the environment.


Adding to the Effort Reduces the Output 

This holiday shopping season, Emu Therapy's shipping partner, a company called ShippingEasy, is stepping up to make a difference in the carbon dioxide situation, as well. ShippingEasy is paying for all shipments processed through their platform between November 10, 2022 and January 12, 2023 to be carbon neutral. This will not impact the cost of shipping for you or for Emu Therapy, so we are happy to announce the effort and to be working with such a great partner! Knowing that we already offer carbon neutral shopping through EcoCart, ShippingEasy's holiday effort means that Emu Therapy customers who choose to contribute to the EcoCart project we support will actually be carbon negative! What a gift to the world we live in during this season of giving to one another!


Carbon Offset Projects 

The Dempsey Ridge Wind Project 

The Laos Water Purification Project



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