Oklahoma Business Owner Attendee at International Women’s Forum in Stockholm

Oklahoma Business Owner Attendee at International Women’s Forum in Stockholm

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Oklahoma Business Owner Attendee at International Women’s Forum in Stockholm


Oklahoma City, OK, August 21, 2017- Debra Murray, President of BLUESPRING International, www.bluespringwellness.com, an Oklahoma-based provider of pure and natural products to promote balanced health and wellness, recently traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, and joined women leaders from all over the world to discuss migration, sustainability and other critical issues.


The International Women’s Forum held its 15th annual Cornerstone Conference on May 17-19, 2017. This year’s theme, “A More Sustainable World: Movements & Markets,” explored topics on sustainability: environmental, social and political, as well as the consequences of nationalism and populism, migration, and cybersecurity.


The conferences are comprised of a unique assembly of women leaders from around the world that bring together their knowledge, power and perspective of the global market and issues. The Conferences are held every year in regions and markets critical to the future.


Murray, who has attended several IWF conferences said, “The continuing education that IWF provides me from a global perspective is such an enriching and unique opportunity. I don't know of another opportunity [in which] I could learn so much in such a short time. The speakers are amazing and we often hear both sides of a controversial issue. When it is showcased and hosted by a country I know little about, it makes the experience much deeper.”


Murray went on to say, “I loved reconnecting with the friends I have met from IWF. I can now say that I am proud to have friends who have accomplished so much and are from all over the world. I feel quite honored to be a part of this organization.”


Superintendent, CEO and founder of ASTEC Charter Schools in Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. Freda Deskin was also an attendee at Cornerstone Conference. “Interacting and sharing with accomplished women from different countries and cultures gives me a different perspective of the world that I can share with the teachers and students at our school. Being in another country, experiencing their culture first hand brings a greater appreciation of the positive uniqueness of each country," says Dr. Deskin.


Deskin and Murray were accompanied by fellow Oklahomans Anne Felton, CEO of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, Nancy Hyde, CEO and Chair of Hyde & Company CPA’s and Lou Kerr, President of the Kerr Foundation, Inc. and founder of the Oklahoma International Women’s Forum chapter.


Kerr has been a long time dedicated member to the local community, as well as a contributing member to the global and international organizations she is a part of. As a strong believer in the advancement of business and leadership opportunities for women, Kerr has made a name for herself as a champion, and heroine, among business leaders across the globe. Kerr currently sits as President and Chair of the Kerr Foundation, Inc. and resides on the board of directors for several organizations, including NPR, National Academy of Public Administration, National Symphony Orchestra, Women’s Presidents Organization, and International Women’s Forum.


Next year’s IWF Cornerstone Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia.


About BLUESPRING: BLUESPRING International is a comprehensive health and wellness company based in Oklahoma City, OK. specializing in natural pain relief creams, nutritional supplements and a variety of natural facial and hair care. Quality ingredients, outstanding customer service, and guaranteed results all underscore BLUESPRING’s commitment to innovation and on-going improvements. With free downloads on health information and resources, BLUESPRING’s balanced health and wellness approach truly helps their customers ‘rejuvenate, replenish, refresh and revive.’ BLUESPRING is a certified woman-owned business. To learn more about BLUESPRING and their products, please visit www.bluespringwellness.com.



About ASTEC Charter Schools: ASTEC is an educator-led, tuition-free, public school of choice serving the children of Oklahoma City. "Dream and Believe; Learn and Achieve!" Learn more about ASTEC Charter Schools at www.ASTECCHarterSchools.com.



About IWF Oklahoma: OIWF is the local chapter of the International Women’s Forum founded by Lou Kerr. The chapter currently has 32 local members. For more information on the OIWF chapter and its members visit http://iwforum.org.


About IWF: IWF is an invite-only membership organization comprised of more than 6,500 successful and visionary women across 40 nations and six continents. IWF members are women of diverse accomplishments dedicated to building better leadership across careers, continents, and cultures. Visit www.iwforum.org for more information.



Dr. Freda Deskin and Debra Murray enjoying the city and culture in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Freda Deskin and Debra Murray enjoying the city and culture in Stockholm, Sweden.


Dr. Freda Deskin enjoying leisure time while attending the International Women’s Forum Cornerstone Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.



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