Bones Need More Than Just Calcium

Bones Need More Than Just Calcium

Debra Murray

There's no denying the tremendous importance of monitoring our health as we get older. Part of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle sometimes involves taking supplements to prevent major health deficiencies or weaknesses, like those related to your bones and joints. Discover how BLUESPRING’s Bone Support supplement can assist the body in supporting bone health.

Taking the Steps to Prevent Health Issues

There's no doubt sustaining bone health is essential. As we get older, bone health becomes even more important. If bone health dramatically declines, major health issues like osteoporosis, arthritis, and painful afflictions can occur or worsen.Therefore, preventing such health concerns and strengthening your bones early on is critical. Avoiding these problems may require more than healthy eating and exercising. No matter how hard you try to eat well, the nutrients may not be available in the modern American diet. Supplements can work wonders to make up for what basic dietary items may lack.

Traditional Thinking has Been Challenged by New Evidence

When it comes to bone health there are several nutrients known to help build and maintain strong healthy bones. For many years, most individuals have been advised and have relied solely on calcium as a way to support strong healthy bones and protect against the fragility of aging.

More recent studies have shown several nutrients (in addition to calcium) are essential for the building and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. These include the Vitamins D & K plus the minerals magnesium and boron. In fact the best support for optimal bone health is a combination of these plus other co-factors, which together, help support the ongoing processes of building, remodeling and maintaining healthy bone structure.

When taken on a regular daily basis in a quality formulation, these nutrients support the many complex biochemical and physiological processes that are optimal to bone health.These nutrients are the foundation of Bone Support by BLUESPRING.




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