Breaking Health News: Movement Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

Breaking Health News: Movement Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

Debra Murray


Individuals experiencing symptoms of arthritis may avoid moving painful joints. However, remaining still can actually make arthritic joints stiffen. As individuals walk or move, the joints develop flexibility and strength. Finding ways to exercise in a safe manner is imperative to help individuals with arthritis feel better. 


People who engage in gentle forms of movement such as simple yoga poses, water aerobics or walking also maintain appropriate body weight. Excess weight while walking places an enormous amount of pressure on the hips, knees and ankle joints. Continual intense pressure on joint tissue leads to cartilage breaking down causing bones to rub against each other.  

Topical Creams 

Many people avoid exercise because of discomfort in the body. Finding pain relieving products can encourage individuals to begin milder forms of movement that help to make joints more flexible. Applying a topical cream such as Super Blue Stuff to sensitive joints makes it easy to begin walking, riding a bike or participating in other exercise.  


Additional benefits of this product are that it is available without a prescription at online or brick-and-mortar stores. This cream has a delicate fragrance of peppermint and peach that is enjoyable to apply to knees, elbows, wrists or other joints. The hands-free roll-on application makes it easy to use while walking or enjoying any type of activity. 


Increase Activity 

After application of a pain relieving cream, individuals feel well enough to move around participating in daily activities including grocery shopping, housework and playing with grandchildren. Being able to participate in family functions and daily activities creates a feeling of independence that increases mental functions too.


Individuals are less likely to develop dementia or depression as the body receives vital exercise. When people keep walking and moving, synovial fluid flows through the tissue of joints increasing lubrication. As individuals feel less arthritic pain in joints, participating in additional low impact sports and exercise is possible each day.  


Lubricating Joints 

The thick synovial fluid protects the cartilage in joints by preventing friction of bony tissue. The synovial membrane secretes the lubricating fluid to fill spaces throughout the joint providing cushioning as individuals walk. This fluid provides additional functions including transporting nutrients and oxygen to the knee, elbow and other joints. At the same time, synovial fluid assists in moving metabolic waste and carbon dioxide from the cartilage. Frequent movement from daily exercise keeps the synovial membrane at optimal function. Having fully lubricated joint tissue that allows movement and exercise is imperative to avoid arthritis pain.  



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