Breaking Health News on Inflammation

Breaking Health News on Inflammation

Debra Murray

There are two kinds of inflammation that take place in the body - acute and chronic. When the body is injured or plagued by viruses, bacteria and pollutants, acute inflammation signals white blood cells to rush in and repair the damage. The problem arises when the body doesn't know when to stop healing itself and it ends up attacking its own tissues.


Chronic inflammation is dubbed the "quiet killer" for a reason. It spreads in the body, inflames your tissues and destroys your health without you even realizing it. Next thing you know, you are burdened for life with a chronic illness.


How to Determine if You Have Inflammation

If you want to find out if you have inflammation, get your creactive protein (CRP) levels checked by a doctor. CRP is a protein found in the blood. The level of this protein rises when there is inflammation present. If your level measures more than 1mg/L, it means you need to make some changes in your life.


Dietary Changes Reduce Inflammation

If your diet is high in saturated fats, trans-fats, omega-6, processed deli meats, hot dogs, fast foods, fried foods, sugar, dairy products and processed grains, you are setting yourself up for flare-ups in your system. Eliminate or scale back on these inflammation-causing foods and replace them with vegetables, fruits and fatty fish.


Fish such as pilchards, sardines, salmon and mackerel contain omega-3. This essential fatty acid has been shown to inhibit inflammation in the body. Fruits and vegetables, particularly berries, kale and spinach contain antioxidants. This substance thwarts the destructive effects of oxidation and helps improve your body's ability to fight disease.


If you find it hard to let go of unhealthy foods, don't do it all at once. Instead, eliminate one harmful food item every two weeks.This way, you are more likely to stick with the dietary changes for life. Even small dietary changes can make a world of difference in your health.


Other Measures to Take

Dieting alone may not be enough to get rid of inflammation. You also need to reduce stress, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, avoid cigarette smoke and consider taking anti-inflammatory emu oil supplements.




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