Breaking Health News on Sciatica Pain

Breaking Health News on Sciatica Pain

Debra Murray


Many people suffer from back pain, including sciatica. Back pain causes more than 3 million people to seek emergency treatment every year in the United States. Sciatica is one of the most commonly experienced back problems. About 40 percent of all people will experience it at some point in their lives. Sciatica pain refers to irritation somewhere along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back through the hips and buttocks and down each leg. 


Sciatica pain usually only affects one side of the body when it occurs. Some people describe it as a sharp, burning pain while others experience merely a mild ache. The problem causes inflammation as well as pain. Some people experience numbness, weakness or tingling in the affected leg or foot. In addition, sciatica can cause pain in one part of the leg and numbness in another. 


Common Causes of Sciatica

Medical experts say the most common cause is a herniated disk in the spine or a bone spur on the vertebrae, which pushes against and compresses part of the sciatica nerve. Such changes to the spine are common with age. However, anything that puts pressure on or irritates this nerve can cause shooting pain down the affected side. Prolonged sitting in one position often puts pressure on the nerve. Some rarer causes of nerve compression include damage from a disease such as diabetes or from a tumor.  


Relief From The Pain

Anyone who has had sciatica knows the pain can be quite severe. Nevertheless, most cases of sciatica respond to treatment in a few weeks some people. Some commonly used home treatments include the use of cold packs several times daily for the first few days, followed by alternating hot and cold packs. Gentle stretching also helps relieve nerve compression.  


In the meantime, many people want something to help with the pain. Some people use aspirin, while others ask their doctor to prescribe a pharmaceutical pain reliever. However, some people prefer using a topical cream. 


There are a number of pain-relief creams available over the counter. When choosing a pain relief cream, many consumers prefer a natural product. Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream contains the power of menthol along with aloe vera, emu oil, MSM, glucosamine and 11 therapeutic herbsThe lightweight cream glides on easily and is quickly absorbed with no greasy feeling left behind. Discover pain relief in as fast as five minutes with Super Blue Stuff OTC. 




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