Dangers of Achilles Tendonitis

Dangers of Achilles Tendonitis

Debra Murray


Achilles tendonitis is an injury resulting from overuse of the Achilles tendon, the band of muscle that runs from the bottom of the calf to the heel. It is common in runners who dramatically increase their speed in a short period of time, and in middle-aged individuals who remain active only once or twice per week. Achilles tendonitis is caused by repeated strain placed on the Achilles tendon. This is one of the most-used tendons in your body, involved in running, walking, and raising up onto the balls of your feet. 


Warning Signs

The first signs of Achilles tendonitis usually involve prolonged stiffness at the back of the heel after running or other exercise. Other symptoms include swelling of the Achilles tendon, pain that worsens with increasing activity, pain that subsists after walking or running, bone spurs, and pain the day after exercise. Achilles tendonitis prohibits activity and can become quite dangerous if gone unattended.  


If you experience worsening pain, see a doctor immediately. Achilles tendonitis can eventually result in a ruptured tendon. You can detect a ruptured tendon by determining if you feel a popping sensation at the back of the heel. When untreated, Achilles tendonitis can become untreatable without surgery. Make sure that you give serious attention to any recurring discomfort at the back of the leg and heels. 


Treatment Options 

Achilles tendonitis can be easily treated at home or by a doctor. Non-surgical options will lessen the pain, but it may take several months for the tendonitis to diminish entirely. Rest, ice, and the use of support footwear can immediately help to decrease discomfort. Longer term treatment options involve physical therapy, eccentric strengthening, and injections of cortisone.  


One option for a soothing at-home treatment (while you seek additional help) would be to use a natural cream that reduces swelling. BLUESPRING offers Foot & Leg Comfort Cream with Emu OilFoot & Leg Comfort aids in: 

  • Stimulating circulation 
  • Deodorizing naturally 
  • Reducing swelling 
  • Cooling hot tired feet 
  • Moisturizing deeply 


Regular use of a natural anti-inflammatory cream with wholesome ingredients allows the muscles around the Achilles tendon to relax while your body works to begin the healing process. Continued use will ease discomfort. 



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