Dangers of Aching, Painful Feet

Dangers of Aching, Painful Feet

Debra Murray

Aches and pains are things that accompany the aging process. They may be a result of some previous injury or they can come from continued wear on your body, but they can be more than an annoyance regardless of the cause. One of the most common types of pains involves aching feet, but few people know the side effects that painful feet can have on their health.


The Effect of Pain on Your Body


Pain is used as a warning that something isn't right within your body. Usually it's the easiest and fastest way for you to realize that something's not right.


If everything did work properly, you wouldn't have to deal with pain in the first place.


Pain itself can cause a number of negative effects on your body. The short term effects of pain include a loss of your body's ability to recover from disease and injury, heightened blood pressure, nausea, a loss of appetite and weariness or fatigue.


Keep in mind that these are just the short term effects. Long term pain that goes unresolved can lead to not only a constant increase in blood pressure, but also an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. It can also cause you to be inactive, disrupt your usual activities and even cause you enough distress to make you become depressed and ruin everything that you used to enjoy.


Pain Doesn't Just Affect Your Body


Chronic foot pain that remains untreated can cause you to be unable to walk or stand. This can make things that you used to enjoy like walking in the park less than enjoyable, and it can force you to lose your job.


In fact, you may end up surprised at the number of people who become unable to do their jobs and are forced into an early retirement right before they gain their full benefits for retirement. This forces them to not only give up things like part of their pension, but it also forces them to pick up jobs when they should be relaxing and enjoying their golden years.


The worst part is that when they're forced to take those jobs, they're often underpaid and they have to be completed while still suffering from aching feet.


Don't Let Yourself Suffer from Aching Feet


Aching feet, as mentioned earlier, are one of the most dangerous chronic conditions that are left untreated. It's important to not only treat the pain, but also to treat the underlying condition that caused it. Common injuries such as posterior tibial tendonitis will worsen over time if left untreated and could eventually result in injuries with surgeries that are almost as painful as the injury itself. To ease pain, try using a safe and effective pain relief cream like BLUESPRING brand Foot & Leg Comfort Cream from Emu Therapy.



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