Drug Store Pain Pills Can Increase High Blood Pressure

Drug Store Pain Pills Can Increase High Blood Pressure

Debra Murray


For the most part, medications available for purchase at stores are safe for most people to use moderately when necessary. However, it appears that taking over-the-counter pain relievers can raise blood pressure. Even persons who have normal blood pressure levels can experience an increase when using non-prescription pain remedies, but the effect can be dangerous for those who are already diagnosed with high blood pressure issues. 


The Common Cure

Over-the-counter pain relievers are the most commonly used medications that can be purchased at nearly any store. They are taken for a variety of reasons, including fever reduction and for relief of minor to moderate pain, such as headaches, backaches, and joint pain, among others. Over-the-counter pain relievers include the generic ingredients: 

  • Acetaminophen 
  • Ibuprofen 
  • Aspirin 
  • Naproxen 


It is important to note that low-dose aspirin used to reduce the risk of heart disease, 81 mg., does not appear to negatively influence blood pressure the way other doses and types of over-the-counter pain relievers do. 


Beware the Side Effects

Taking these seemingly helpful medicines can have harmful negative side effects, especially for those who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are taking prescription medications to deal with this condition. Over-the-counter pain relievers have a tendency to reduce the amount of sodium that is flushed from the body while also causing an increase in the fluid retained by tissues. This leads to an increase in blood pressure that can even affect those with normal blood pressure levels. These medications also reduce the effects of prescriptions medications used to treat high blood pressure. 


Natural Pain Relief

Using these products on occasion does not appear to increase blood pressure. However, higher doses and long-term use of these pain relievers does increase the risk of high blood pressure and related negative effects. Those who must take pain relievers on a consistent basis should consider a safe, natural topical alternative, such as Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream. 




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