Five Common Sources of Arthritis Pain

Five Common Sources of Arthritis Pain

Debra Murray

Five Common Sources of Arthritis Pain 

Arthritis is a chronic disease that affects millions of people each year. It causes swelling and pain in the joints that makes movement very difficult for those who suffer from it. Because of this, it helps to know what some of the conditions are that contribute to a person developing it. The following is a list of five of the most common: 



One of the main reasons that people get arthritis is because of a bad injury. Perhaps, they played an aggressive game of football that lead to a shoulder injury, or an ice skating accident resulted in an injured knee. The damage causes lasting pain and inflammation that worsens over time. 



Many people get arthritis because of genetics. They had a mother or father who had it, so they develop it themselves later on. One of the most common types of arthritis to get that is related to genetics is osteoarthritis. But sometimes, rheumatoid arthritis can also run in families. 


Immune System Malfunctioning 

Normally, the immune system acts like a team of soldiers that only attack on foreign intruders when they pose a threat, but if a person develops some type of immune system problems, the body will start to attack healthy tissue instead, especially if someone has rheumatoid arthritis. The damage is quite progressive with this disease, and it isn't reversible. Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to large, disfigured joints that are difficult to move. Some people become wheelchair bound by it.  



Some prescription medications that are needed for serious illnesses have bad side effects, such as causing the development of pain and swelling in the joints. Since pharmaceutical pain medications are addicting and only cause further harm, many people choose to soothe their painful joints with arthritis pain relief cream instead.  



Many chronic diseases induce widespread inflammation throughout the body that contributes to arthritis. Bone cancer and Lyme disease are just two of them. Both of these diseases weaken the joints and bones.  

If you suffer from arthritis, be sure to eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body. Consider purchasing a natural cream for pain relief from Emu Therapy with no artificial preservatives, so it doesn't worsen the inflammation the way that some creams do. 






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