Five Things All Athletes Should Do To Avoid Injury

Five Things All Athletes Should Do To Avoid Injury

Debra Murray

Playing sports or competing in a swimming or running race is a great way to burn calories and stay active. However, many kinds of high-impact activities like this cause a significant amount of strain on the body that can lead to serious injuries to the joints and muscles. The good news is that many sports related injuries can be avoided if a person uses the following five tips for preventing them:


Wear Safety Equipment

Head gear, knee pads, and elbow pads all help to reduce the amount of trauma that the body endures from falls and high-impact tackles and hits. Be sure to purchase safety equipment that has the newest design features built into it though. Older versions aren't as safe. It is also important to mention that even small children need this type of protective gear because they are just as susceptible to joint damage and concussions as adults are.


Stretches and Warm-ups Matter

It takes about ten minutes of stretches and warm-up activities to get the muscles ready for more intense activities. Skipping this step will lead to an increased chance of a torn muscle or a sprained ankle. Split the ten-minute time into two segments. The first five minutes should be dedicated to stretching each of the major groups of muscles. And the second five minutes should be used for a slow walk or other low-impact activity that is related to the sport. For example, a runner may want to do a light jog around the track before they do sprints.


Don't Play Every Day

The body needs time to rest and recuperate to be able to heal itself, so it is important to take a break from playing sometimes. Otherwise, the stress from trying to maintain an intense level of activity for a long time is going to affect a person's judgment, which could cause them to attempt to do more than they are physically able to. If it is a team-based sports activity, set up a schedule that gives everyone a set amount of days off in between the games or training for the competitions.


Follow the Safety Guidelines of the Sport

The rules of any kind of sport or competition exist to protect the people who compete in it. They also give everyone a fair chance of success. By not following them, a person has a much higher risk of getting injured or injuring someone else. So even if it is tempting, don't try to change them.


Don't Play If You Are Injured

People who have sore muscles or joints should sit out and use natural pain relief products for athletes, such as Super Blue Stuff OTC, until they feel better. Playing sports or competing in competitions that require a lot of physical exertion will only cause more harm than good to the body. Some people worry that if they don't continue the same level of activity, they will get behind in their training. Many athletes want to play through the pain, but they will have even more down time if they try to rush the healing process.



When these tips aren't enough to avoid an injury, turn to BLUESPRING's Super Blue Stuff OTC, Foot and Leg Comfort, or Super White Stuff OTC to relieve the pain. All three are formulated specifically to relieve pain in joints and muscles, as well as the pain from sprains, strains, and bruises. Pain doesn't have to stop you from being active; BLUESPRING is here to help you get back into the sport you love.



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