Five Tips to Prevent Injury Before a Big Game

Five Tips to Prevent Injury Before a Big Game

Debra Murray


Five Tips to Prevent Injury Before a Big Game 

High school athletes have a higher risk of injury than professional sports players do. Part of the reason for this is the overwhelming pressure to perform well enough for a college recruiter to be impressed. Sometimes, kids push themselves to do more than they are physically able to do to make their parents and teammates happy as well. A trophy isn't going to mean much if someone is injured during a big game, though. It will set them back in training time and possibly cause long-term health problems and pain. Because of this, it is important to follow these five easy tips to reduce the chances of any injury occurring.  


Don't Slack on Sleep 

No matter how excited or stressed a person is over the big game, they need to try their best to not get any less than eight hours of sleep the night before. Sleep is crucial to mental and physical performance and if a person doesn't get enough of it, they will be more prone to being injured because they won't be able to respond to their surroundings with the same level of alertness that they normally would.  


Meal Timing Matters 

Athletes shouldn't eat a heavy meal immediately before a big game. It will give them cramps and make them sluggish. A light meal should be eaten about two hours beforehand. Rumors about loading up on simple carbs should be ignored. Sugar and foods made with white flour will offer an initial spike in blood sugar levels that is mistaken as an aid to performance. It actually has the opposite effect. Simple carbs cause an energy crash about an hour after someone eats them, which can reduce performance. Stick with lean proteins and complex carbs instead. 


Drink Plenty of Water 

Being dehydrated causes the muscles to tighten up, so they are not as flexible. If they can't relax and give a little bit during heavy movement, they are more likely to tear. Water is also important to keeping the joints lubricated.  


Prepare Your Body and Mind for Success 

Taking the time to do some deep breathing exercises before the game helps to reduce stress and tension that can increase the likeliness of any injury. Try to do this in a quiet place while you envision a successful outcome. Don't forget to do some stretches and warm-ups to make sure your muscles are limber and ready for movement too. Most teams do these together, but it never hurts to do a few of your own, especially if you have any areas that are prone to pain and injury. 


Use Natural Pain Relief Cream Ahead of Time 

Pain relief cream can be used as a preventative measure against muscle and joint injuries. The trick is to apply it to any areas of the body that are going to get a lot of use during the game because it will help keep inflammation at bay. 




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