Five Truths and Myths About Aging Skin

Five Truths and Myths About Aging Skin

Debra Murray

Aging Skin: Five Facts and Myths


With all the marketing campaigns in magazines and commercials, it is easy to get confused about what is the truth about how to care for your skin. In this article, we are going to set the facts straight, which should hopefully clear things up for our readers. The following is a list of five myths about aging skin and the truth that is really behind them. 


Myth: Only Expensive Beauty Products Work 

Truth: The Ingredients are More Important Than the Price 

A lot of companies try to prey on the insecurities that people have. They know that people are afraid of looking old, so they try to sell them expensive products that they don't need. But what is inside the products matters more than the brand name. A lot of generic products sold in drug stores work just as well for a fraction of the price.  


Myth: Anti-Aging Products Have to Hurt to be Effective 

Truth: Many Products are Gentle and Effective 

The top layer of skin gets covered in dead skin cells, which makes it look dull and blotchy, so it helps to occasionally use a product that sloughs the dead skin cells away. However, it doesn't have to be highly abrasive and acidic to work.  


Myth: You Don't Need Sunscreen When You’re Older 

Truth: All Skin Needs Protection 

Sunscreen isn't just for the young. Aging skin is just as susceptible to skin cancer and damage, so it is important that all people wear sunscreen when they will be out in the sun. In fact, be sure to reapply after a few hours of exposure, exercise, or contact with water for the best effectiveness. 


Myth: You Have to Use Loads of Products to Look Younger 

Truth: Too Many Products Can Damage the Skin 

There are really only three products that are needed for the skin. The first one is a good cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from the skin. The second is a moisturizer for hydration. One of the best moisturizers to use for the skin is Pure Prime Emu Oil from Emu Therapy. And the last one is a serum for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using any more products than this can wreak havoc on the skin. 


Myth: Anti-Aging Products Have to Work Fast 

Truth: Some Products Take Time to Work 

Everyone wants products that work really fast, so when it seems that one doesn't seem to be effective immediately, some people may think that they need to try something new. But it takes time for the skin to adjust to changes. Most products need a few weeks of continuous use before a person can see the difference that they made.  





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