Five Ways to Maximize Gains and Minimize Pains

Five Ways to Maximize Gains and Minimize Pains

Debra Murray

When it comes to fitness, everyone wants more intensity, more muscles, more speed and they want it all to happen right away. A lot of this has to do with all the competition that is involved in sports and bodybuilding, but doing too many heavy-duty workout routines takes a toll on the body. It puts people at risk for serious injuries that are hard to recover from. Because of this, it is important to know some ways to make workouts safer. The following is a list of five easy changes that will help keep gains consistent without causing any injuries: 


Don't Use Full Range-of-Motion Moves 

 This might sound like a complete contradiction to what many fitness experts suggest, but it is better to not push the limbs as far as they will go with full range-of-motion moves. They are very stressful on the joints and muscles. By moving just to the halfway mark on one set of exercises, then switching to the other half of the muscle group, you can create much less strain. So in other words, go halfway down for an exercise like squats to work the back of the leg, then do leg lifts to cover the top muscle. 


Taper Down Weights to Cool Down 

 Sometimes, bodybuilders and people who do strength training exercises forget that there has to be a cool down routine when lifting weights. Just as a person may start at a lower weight limit before they increase to their maximum range, they need to do the same to cool down. By slowly decreasing the weights, it helps lower the amount of lactic acid that is built up in the muscles. This prevents the soreness that is so common from these exercises.  


Don't Switch Your Routine Too Fast  

While it may be tempting to rush off to do some running after you just finished with yoga or some other exercise, it actually works against any potential gains that you might have. The body needs a chance to recover in between workout sessions. So try to dedicate time in between them. For example, you might want to alternate cardio and strength training on a schedule that is every other day. Or at least wait a few hours until you do another type of exercise. Never do them back-to-back. 


Switch Up Routines  

Unfortunately, you can't do one type of exercise all the time. It has to be varied because the repetition will put you at risk for an injury. So throw in some floor exercises with your walking or vary your cycling workout with upper body moves.  


Use Supplements That Help Prevent Muscle and Joint Injuries  

Natural supplements can help the body to stay healthy by building healthier bones and cartilage. Find supplements that have a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies that have been proven to keep those who have an active lifestyle healthier. Emu Therapy offers natural pain relief products, such as creams and sprays that aid in relieving and repairing the body after strenuous workouts. 


Get a Massage  

Massage is a treatment thousands of years old for relaxing muscles and speeding recovery from overexertion and injury. When you are feeling sore or have aches and pains, massage is a great way to support your body's natural healing process. Emu Therapy has a line of Health Aides that offer massage to meet a variety of needs. From gentle vibration to percussive massage, and from manual pressure to deep tissue massage, these devices can give you the relief you need and serve as a perfect complement to a natural pain relief routine.



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