Health Warning: Dangers of Sciatica

Health Warning: Dangers of Sciatica

Debra Murray


While there are many debilitating diseases that can compromise an individual's ability to lead a healthy and productive life, sciatica can be a particularly problematic condition to grapple with. Although defined broadly, sciatica is basically a condition that entails pain moving along the path of the individual's sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve branches from the lower back, through the hips and bottoms, and down both legs. In general, sciatica will only affect one side of the individual's body. By learning more about sciatica and its dangers, individuals can arm themselves with the information necessary to prevent them from becoming susceptible to the condition. 


The Dangers of Sciatica 

Although sciatica brings with it many dangers, some of the most challenging of them include the symptoms associated with the condition. Typically, sciatica emerges when a bone spur of the spine or a herniated disk compresses a part of a person's nerve. The end result is pain, inflammation and occasionally numbness in the leg that has been affected. These symptoms are inconvenient, painful, and can result in work absences that entail a loss in income. 


The Complications That Can Result From Sciatica  

In addition to the aforementioned symptoms, sciatica can result in feelings of weakness or numbness that necessitate surgery. These surgeries can be expensive, nerve-wracking, and result in more work absences. Other complications that can result from sciatica include a loss of sensation in the legs and increasing weakness. Patients struggling with sciatica can also experience permanent nerve damage which results in bladder incontinence, which is the inability to control one's bladder or bowel. All of these complications will make seeing a doctor necessary and can also entail a plethora of negative emotions such as frustration, anger, and apathy. If these emotions are sustained for an extended period of time, they can result in depression. 


The Dangers of Sciatica Medication  

In addition to experiencing health challenges that result from sciatica itself, individuals struggling with the condition may note that the medication they take to help alleviate symptoms causes unwanted complications. Indeed, a doctor could prescribe a medication like corticosteroid injections. While these injections can help suppress the sufferer's inflammation, they can also entail side effects such as increased susceptibility to infection and mood swings. Moreover, the injections are a short-term remedy for the problem rather than a cure, meaning that their efficacy is limited.  


Natural Remedies  

Individuals interested in pursuing natural remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of sciatica may be interested in trying a product like Super Blue Stuff OTC pain relief. This product is known for providing topical pain relief for muscle and joint pain. Because it absorbs into the skin quickly and provides fast relief, it's a great choice for individuals who want to start feeling better fast. Moreover, Super Blue Stuff is a safe product to use and won't result in unwanted side effects.  


Sciatica is a complicated condition that can cause unwanted and painful symptoms. If you believe that you or a loved one may have sciatica, be sure to consult with a trained medical professional.  



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