Health Warning: Pain Medications Can Increase Blood Pressure

Health Warning: Pain Medications Can Increase Blood Pressure

Debra Murray

New warnings about the dangers of prescription and over the counter medications for pain are serious enough to make anyone pause before reaching in their medicine cabinet. Common medications, including ibuprofen and other NSAID pain relievers, are linked to an increased risk for developing high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. 


If you need to take medications to control the pain and inflammation of a chronic disease such as arthritis, adding a natural supplement to support a healthy blood pressure is one step toward preventing serious side effects of your regular medications. 


Switching to a Natural Cure 

Natural supplements work to improve the body's response to pain and inflammation in the body without causing high blood pressure. Natural ingredients work to provide healthy blood pressure support for those who need to take prescription or over the counter pain medications as prescribed by a physician. You will definitely want to begin using supplements to support a healthy blood pressure before you have symptoms if you are regularly taking an NSAID medication.  


The early symptoms of high blood pressure are very subtle, leading many people to dismiss the symptoms without treatment. You can reduce your chances of developing hypertension before you have any symptoms when you add a supportive supplement early. Make sure that the supplement that you choose is right for your personal health by talking to a physician or another healthcare provider. You should also check your blood pressure at least once a month if you take pain medications regularly.  


The Benefits of Herbs 

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world. Modern medicine is good at treating illnesses and diseases like high blood pressure, but to prevent the disease from developing you will want to rely on a natural, holistic option. Herbs are safe and very effective in providing the support your body needs to maintain a healthy blood pressure over time. Natural herbs, like garlic, are well-known for their health benefits.  


With the right natural supplements, you can stay as healthy as possible without adding another prescription or over the counter medication to your routine. Herbs are simple, affordable and highly effective in the prevention of diseases like hypertension. 



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