HealthStyle: Olympian

HealthStyle: Olympian

Katie Hightower


Olympians are considered to be the most elite athletes in the world. They train for years to sharpen their skills in order to compete amongst the best in the world. As you watch the Winter and Summer Olympics, you may find yourself thinking, “I wish I could do that. I wish I could be that athletic or that talented.” And guess what? You can be. Olympians are just like you. Are you ready to embrace the Olympic HealthStyle?



Olympians focus on their training in three different areas: physical training, nutrition and recovery. In order to train like an Olympian, you need to find the time to dedicate to whatever sport or activity you’d like to become proficient at. Many athletes like to dedicate time at the beginning and end of the day to train. Once you’ve set your schedule, it’s time to focus on the small skills and drills that will make you a better athlete. For example, if you’re working on getting better at basketball, ball-handling drills up and down the court for 60 minutes a day will eventually make you an unstoppable force on the court.


In addition to training, Olympians carve their bodies out like marble by focusing on balancing their diet with the proper forms of nutrition. One of the most important parts of a balanced nutritional plan as an elite athlete is staying hydrated. Staying away from sugary drinks and drinks that dehydrate you (like sodas) is also very important for an athlete. Hydrating before, during and after activity with water is one way to stay fully hydrated. Your body works best when it has enough water to aid in common tasks like .


Proper calorie balance, just like hydration, is also essential for keeping an athlete’s body running smoothly. You must take in enough energy to keep your body moving. But that doesn’t mean if you go out and run ten miles, you can eat ten cupcakes. Your body needs good fuel, like vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates to fuel itself. A standard dinner for an Olympian might include: a small chicken breast, a large heaping salad of a mixed kale and spinach with a spritz of lemon juice and pepper, followed by small serving of whole grain rice to finish the meal off.


Adopting the Olympic HealthStyle means making good nutritional decisions, while staying focused on getting as much training in as possible. Your body will only export what you put into it and if you binge on empty calories, you’ll have flat and useless energy when it’s time for training.


With the amount of training Olympians do, they are often affected by severe pain in their joints and surrounding muscles for a variety of different reasons. A twisted ankle, a strained muscle, or joints that simply ache with inflammation after years of hard use can keep an athlete from competing at their best. Because Olympians have to be careful about what they put into their bodies, they will often forego traditional pain medications like NSAIDs and instead, search for a more natural way to alleviate their aches and pains. They might seek out natural supplements to provide the nutrients that the body needs to make the joints healthier and less painful. A powerful all-natural pain cream can do the trick in many circumstances.


At BLUESPRING, we have a line of all-natural products that have been developed to help you with aches and pains. Joint Support Formula by BLUESPRING is an all-natural supplement that contains both herbal nutrients and extracts that were carefully chosen for joint mobility, cartilage health and healthy inflammatory response. A balance of nutrients is crucial for the correct function of joints.


For the muscle pains associated with training hard and getting stronger, Super Blue Stuff OTC topical cream provides pain relief by penetrating each layer of the skin to assist in nurturing your body back to good health. If you’re training like an Olympian and experiencing the discomfort of sore muscles and aching joints, Super Blue Stuff OTC will provide fast relief from the pain. The best part about Super Blue Stuff OTC? It not only provides relief after your workout, but if you apply it before your workout, it will help warm you up properly!  



If you’ve decided to train like an Olympian, you’re on your way to becoming a healthier and more focused individual. Olympians are some of the smartest, most motivated and gifted individuals in the world. But they are just like you; they have families and houses and jobs and lives. They fit training in between their busiest moments and commit themselves to the excellence of an Olympic HealthStyle. And if they can do it, so can you!






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