HealthStyle: Weight Loss

HealthStyle: Weight Loss

Debra Murray

If your HealthStyle is weight loss, then you’ve come to the right place. Emu Therapy is committed to gathering information and tips to help with your weight loss journey. Before beginning, ask yourself a question, “What kind of changes do I want to make to my daily life in order to achieve my weight loss goals?” The trick to being successful with weight loss is to make gradual, and more importantly, sustainable changes to your life.


Diet and exercise are the most impactful ways to kick-start and sustain weight loss. Every day more and more fad diets are filling the pages of the internet, promising miraculous and quick weight loss. Some of them may work for a while, but remember that fad diets, like cutting out carbs completely or only eating food items that are low in fat, are difficult to sustain and most people who follow them will eventually break down and cheat. Instead, it is important to eat a balanced diet rich in green vegetables, natural sugars and whole grains, with a balanced amount of protein and fats.


One quick way to improve your diet is to cut out sugary drinks and fast food, both of which contain non-nutritious and empty calories. When you crave a soda, reach for a sparkling water with no added sugar. Instead of grabbing a quick bite to eat at your local fast food place, pre-pack your lunch with easy to consume and healthy snacks like roasted almonds, and raw veggies.


In addition to maintaining a healthy balanced diet, finding the right kind of exercise for your body will aid in your weight loss goals. Some people find that walking before breakfast and after dinner can help with burning calories. Others enjoy jogging or running. Swimming, hiking, and bicycling are also options available to you when seeking a fun and challenging form of exercise. The most important part of exercise is finding exercise that is right for you. There are adventures around every corner. You could take up rock climbing, or you could decide to train for a marathon. What’s on your bucket list?


Finding a fun and enjoyable exercise that keeps you active and healthy is the key to making a change that is sustainable and life-changing. By combining the proper balance of diet and exercise, you’ll be able to kick your goals into high gear and sail into a healthier life in no time.


Sometimes when we exercise, we can experience sore muscles. It is important to pay attention to your pain levels and not to push your body too far too fast. If you experience an unusual amount of pain, it is best to take a day off and recover. When you have muscle soreness and muscle pain you should reach for some Super Blue Stuff OTC. Using Super Blue Stuff will help with quick and fast relief from muscle pain. However, if the pain continues, you should consider seeing a doctor. The doctor can then assess your injury and put you on the quickest path to recovery. For other aches and pains, there are several products sold by Emu Therapy that can help with sore muscles and painful joints.


Making changes can be scary, and often the fear can intimidate us back into old habits. Don’t let fear chase you back inside and away from your goals. Challenge yourself to make a change this year!




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