How to Soothe Arthritis Pain at Home

How to Soothe Arthritis Pain at Home

Debra Murray


Arthritis occurs when a person has an immune system disorder that attacks the joints. However, some people develop it because they were injured or they inherited the condition due to genetics. Arthritis causes inflammation and swelling in the joints that is very painful. Since it is a chronic condition that tends to worsen over time, taking pharmaceutical pain medicine to treat it isn't always possible. Pain medicine is only meant to be used for a short time because it is highly addictive, and this condition lasts for years. Luckily, symptoms of arthritis can be soothed at home using the following easy methods:


Herbal Remedies

There are several safe and effective herbs that reduce inflammation in the body. One of the most popular of them all is turmeric. This yellow powder can be sprinkled on food or made into a tea to drink with meals. Another herb is frankincense. Thousands of years ago, it was worth its weight in gold because of its important healing properties. Frankincense can be added to salves for natural pain relief that lasts.


Emu Oil 

Although it has a funny name, the ability of this oil to soothe arthritis pain is no laughing matter. It easily relieves pain, swelling, and inflammation wherever it is applied. Some companies sell emu oil that is loaded with preservatives, but all of the natural pain relief products from Emu Therapy use only Pure Prime Emu Oil.



When a person is in pain, it is common to not want to move or do much. This actually contradicts what the body needs to heal itself. Exercise gets the blood moving, so vital oxygen and nutrients reach the injured areas to help heal them. It also lubricates the joints, which brings the inflammation down. This doesn't mean that a person has to run a marathon daily though. Gentle walking or yoga is enough.


Hot and Cold Therapy 

By alternating hot and cold packs, a person can get the swelling down in their joints, which reduces the amount of pain that they have. This method can be intensified when a person uses the best arthritis pain relief cream, Super Blue Stuff OTC at the same time.


Always check with your doctor before trying any of these methods to be sure that they are right for you, especially if you want to use any of the herbal remedies that were mentioned. Some herbs can exacerbate arthritis because they increase the immune system response when it is already overactive. They could also interfere with other medications that you may take.



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