Muscle Pain Hurts: How to Let Your Body Recover

Muscle Pain Hurts: How to Let Your Body Recover

Debra Murray

Unfortunately, most cases of muscle pain don't happen right away. There can be a delayed response to some types of injuries, which causes it to take up to 48 hours for the pain to set in. But when it does, it really hurts. Because of this, most fitness experts recommend that people wait at least two days in between their strength training sessions. However, if the pain still doesn't go away, then there are other measures that need to be taken to help soothe the muscles. Read on to find out more about natural remedies for muscle pain. 


Cherry Juice 

Using prescription muscle relaxers that are given out for muscle spasms and pain isn't always a good idea. They are often as addicting as prescription painkillers, and can make some conditions worse. A gentle alternative to try is cherry juice. When the tart liquid is drank after a workout, it protects against muscle spasms and tension that both contribute to pain. If you don't like cherries, blueberry juice is also effective. 



Most people are too afraid to touch an injured muscle because they are worried that it could damage it further. However, if it is done right, it will soothe the muscles. First, slather on some Pure Prime Emu Oil from Emu Therapy. Then, work your hands in small circles over the area. It is alright to start out with a light touch if the injury is really painful. Repeat this process about three times a day until the muscle pain stops. You may prefer to use a massager to help muscles relax and fully release tension. Emu Therapy offers a few massagers in our Health Aides collection; find the one that suits you best!



It is very important to drink plenty of water while a muscle is healing because it will help keep it flexible. It will also promote healing in three different ways. First of all, water carries oxygen throughout the body, which is needed to repair damaged tissue. Second of all, it has nutrition that speeds up the healing process. And lastly, it contributes to the natural drainage process of flushing away excess fluids that are contributing to the swelling. So try to drink no less than 64 ounces of water each day. 



The body needs time to heal itself, so take it easy until the pain and swelling goes down. Trying to rush the recovery process will only damage the injury further. Don't head back to the gym until you get the approval of a doctor. Be prepared for a reduced exercise plan for a while too. The area with the injured muscle is not going to be as strong as it normally would be, so you may have to work your way back up to a higher level of activity. 


And remember, severe muscle pain can be avoided if the body is cared for properly. Drink plenty of water during your workouts, and stretch before and after them. And use Emu Therapy's collection of pain relief creams to help your muscles and joints prepare for a coming workout and to feel better until they have recovered from strenuous exercise. 




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