Natural Supplement Formulas That Prevent Joint Pain

Natural Supplement Formulas That Prevent Joint Pain

Debra Murray


Many people are starting to turn to natural remedies instead of prescription medications. There are three main reasons for this. First, they have fewer side effects, since they are made from natural ingredients instead of chemicals. Secondly, they don't require a doctor's approval to get them. And lastly, they cost significantly less. One of the most common conditions that people use natural supplements for is joint pain. The following is a list of some of the natural remedies that are available to treat this condition: 




Turmeric is considered the best spice in the world because of all its health properties. One of its most important qualities is its ability to reduce inflammation. This is due to the amount of curcumin that it contains. Unfortunately, turmeric only has a small percentage of curcumin though. So a person has to use a lot of it to get this benefit. Because of this, some people choose to buy supplements that have nothing but curcumin extract in them. Curcumin isn't absorbed into the body very easily though. So it has to be taken with black pepper. 


Vitamin B-3 


This inflammation-reducing vitamin also goes by the name "niacin." Most versions of it that are sold on the market actually contain niacinamide because it is safer, and it doesn't cause the traditional "flush" that standard niacin does. Some types of niacin are toxic in high doses. This vitamin is normally found in meat and dairy products, so those who are vegans and vegetarians often don't get enough of it unless they eat vitamin-enriched bread or extra servings of legumes.  


Ginger Root Powder 


It is hard to find an Asian dish that doesn't contain at least a pinch of ginger. That is because it has an amazing flavor that compliments many types of food. It also has important health properties that relieve pain. Ginger reduces inflammation fast. And it doesn't matter if it is eaten fresh or dried. So it can be made into a tea, taken in a capsule form, or a person can just chew on a piece of the fresh root.  


Grape Seed Extract 


Most people throw out the seeds that are embedded inside red and white grapes, but they contain an extract that has powerful antioxidants and inflammation-reducing properties that help prevent pain. It has been proven to be especially helpful for those who have inflammation because of obesity and is used in several Emu Therapy pain relief products.  




Certain fruits and vegetables contain a plant flavonoid called "quercetin". It is important because it suppresses the body's release of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is one of the may contributors to high inflammation levels in those who don't have other diseases that cause joint pain. So by lowering it, the pain can be prevented. Since some people don't eat enough of the foods that contain quercetin, it is sold in a convenient supplement.



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