Rejuvenate Hair with Pure Prime Emu Oil

Rejuvenate Hair with Pure Prime Emu Oil

Debra Murray

Rejuvenate Hair with Pure Prime Emu Oil

Surviving hundreds of years of obscurity, emu oil is rapidly increasing in popularity across the globe. The unique compounds of the oil are now being widely used in a variety of all-natural beauty and healthcare products. The rejuvenating capabilities and benefits of emu oil are amazing, and the oil’s versatility makes it truly remarkable.


It is becoming increasing known as a terrific regenerator of not only hair and skin, but as a boost to the body as a healing agent for bones and joints as well. Pure Prime emu oil can be used to treat many ailments, but the oil’s ability to rejuvenate skin and hair follicles is by far one of its greatest attribute.



Unlike many scientifically derived substances, emu oil is an all-natural oil substance that comes from the non-edible parts of the emu. The flightless, ostrich-like bird is native to Australia, but it has recently become a popular source for low-fat meat in the United States. However, the powerful oil from the animal has only recently begun to garner attention outside of Australia. Native aboriginal tribes have been benefitting from the healing powers of emu oil for hundreds of years. Lacking the beauty concerns of Western culture, aborigines used emu oil primarily as a topical agent to heal sore muscles and joints.


Regenerate Skin and Hair Follicles

Though it is effective for such means, emu oil’s greatest attribute is its ability to regenerate skin and hair follicles. It is an excellent topical agent for reducing the aging of skin, increasing elasticity, moisturizing hair, and regenerating molecular follicle growth. Emu oil is quickly becoming a hot commodity for skin and hair care enthusiasts.


Hair Loss

The most prevalent cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia. Referred to as male or female pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia is caused by certain changes in body hormones, age, and overall genetics, which cause the miniaturization of hair follicles. Pure Prime Emu Oil has deep moisturizing capabilities and works as a counter-agent to these bodily changes.



Pure Prime Emu Oil contains oleic and linolenic acids that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These acids drastically help with dermatitis and additional skin problems that negatively affect the scalp and subsequent hair growth.


Cell Maintenance

The beauty of Pure Prime Emu Oil is its ability to synthesize epidermal DNA. This directly promotes the generation of new skin cells, including skin cells around hair follicles. This quickly leads to the enlargement of hair follicles which produces hair growth.



According to, emu oil naturally contains a rare combination and high concentration of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids happen to be the key components that determine healthy hair and skin.



Emu oil is safe to digest in capsule form, but Pure Prime Emu Oil is a topical hair care solution. Similar to a shampoo, Pure Prime Emu Oil delivers the benefits of the oil’s fatty acids directly to the scalp. Users simply rub in a small amount in order to treat and stimulate the hair follicles.


Emu Oil is Amazing

The positive attributes of emu oil are amazing. No other known substance is hypoallergenic, rich in fatty acids, antibacterial, replenishing, moisturizing, therapeutic, penetrating, and versatile as this amazing skin and hair care substance. The restorative properties of emu oil have taken the skin and hair care industries by storm, but Pure Prime Emu Oil is unparalleled in its healing and moisturizing powers.




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