How to Achieve Pain Relief Without Prescription Drugs

How to Achieve Pain Relief Without Prescription Drugs

Debra Murray

There are several reasons that prescription pain medicine should be avoided whenever possible. First of all, it is highly addicting. Many people get hooked on prescription pain pills, particularly opioids, even when they are taken as their doctor suggests. Also, this type of medication is processed through the liver, which can be damaged over time from all the demands on it. And lastly, it is easy to build up a tolerance to pain medications. Those who use them are often forced to take higher doses of them or switch to stronger types of pain medications, since they don't work as well anymore. The need to step up dosages or drug types contributes to the risk of addiction, as well. Because of these reasons, many doctors recommend that people try to relieve their pain in other ways besides prescription drugs. The following is a list of a few of the easiest methods to use: 


Hot Water 

Soaking in a tub of hot water works so well for pain relief that doctors sometimes write prescriptions for hot tubs for their patients with chronic pain. Relaxing in hot water for about an hour a day reduces swelling and inflammation too. If a person is having pain in only one localized region, it helps to alternate soaking in the tub with ice. This will help the area recover more easily.  


Natural Pain Relief Products 

Using Super Blue Stuff OTC, a joint and muscle pain relief cream sold by Emu Therapy, can soothe pain when other methods don't seem to be helping. All a person has to do is rub it into the places on their body that are hurting. It is made from safe ingredients that have no preservatives in them that can further contribute to health problems. Super Blue Stuff is safe for long-term use and is not addictive. 



Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is over 5,000-years-old. It has been continued through the years mainly because of its effectiveness at limbering up the body and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. Yoga also encourages meditation and deep breathing that reduces stress levels. This is important because stress contributes to inflammation that causes pain.  



Touch is calming and relaxing. And when it is applied in specific motions, it also increases blood flow to injured areas, which brings oxygen and nutrition that helps to heal the body. A person can massage their own sore muscles or try purchasing a special massage chair that makes the process easier.  


These are just a few of the easy ways to aid the stress reducing process without using prescription drugs. There are many others. Be sure to talk to your doctor first before trying any of these to be sure they are right for you.  



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