Simple Health Tips for Achilles Tendonitis

Simple Health Tips for Achilles Tendonitis

Debra Murray

Swelling of the Tendon 

Individuals experiencing constant ankle and foot pain will have difficulties with everyday mobility. Achilles tendonitis frequently occurs to people over the age of 50 due to wear and tear on the joints in the foot and ankle. Physicians commonly diagnose the condition in patients who have overused the Achilles tendon while exercising. In many cases, an athlete injures the tendon severely with a small tear while lunging during a sport activity, such as rock climbing. If you have discomfort or swelling in the tissue near the heel or foot, then you need an examination to determine the cause.  


Burning Sensation in Joints 

The pain from Achilles tendonitis varies throughout the day and night making it difficult to deal with. An individual may have no pain one day and the next day feel intense discomfort again. In addition to feeling shooting pains or constant aches, an individual might have a burning sensation in the joints of the ankle and foot. Mental stress and anxiety can make the condition worse due to people constantly tightening the muscles throughout the body. Occasionally, a physician can see a buildup of fluid mixed with collagen on a medical imaging result of the painful joints.  


Chronic or Acute Pain 

Unfortunately, this injury is slow to heal due to the low blood supply in the Achilles tendon. Many individuals have chronic or acute pain that lasts for months making it difficult to live a normal life. The constant discomfort leads to individuals using numerous over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers that often have side effects. Many physicians will suggest that patients use custom-made heel pads or compression socks to help reduce pain while making walking easier. Alternatively, many patients report less discomfort from using heat treatments or ice therapy on the swollen tendon several times a day. 


Choose a Natural Cream 

The application of a soothing cream such as natural BLUESPRING brand Foot & Leg Comfort Cream is an excellent way to provide relief. This cream’s ingredients, including natural herbs, menthol and aloe vera, revitalize the swollen tendons located in your feet and legs. At the same time, this natural product moisturizes your skin tissue while improving blood circulation near the painful Achilles tendon. It is easy for you to apply this product every few hours for safe relief throughout the day and night. 



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