Simple Health Tips for Aching Feet

Simple Health Tips for Aching Feet

Debra Murray


Aching feet can be a sign of poor health.  Health disorders like arthritis, diabetes, and poor circulation have been found to cause foot pain.  Foot disorders, such as calluses and ingrown toenails, cause foot pain too. One other common cause is ill-fitting shoes. 


To rule out any serious health conditions that may be causing your feet to ache, get examined by a qualified doctor. Once your doctor knows the cause of your pain, he will be able to guide you toward the proper course of treatment. Listen to his expert advice, and follow these healthy tips for aching feet. 


Replace high heels with comfortable running shoes.


Shop for them in an athletic shoe store, and ask a knowledgeable salesman for assistance in choosing the best shoe for you. High heels cause foot pain, as well as back pain, calluses, and pinched nerves. Since high heels angle your body forward, your knees are forced to support increased body weight, which often results in osteoarthritis of the knees. Running shoes give your feet the support they need, and the soft cushion lining in the shoes give your feet the comfort they deserve. 


Exercise your feet for pain relief. 


  • Stretch your toes forward and hold to the count of three, then curl your toes under. Do these exercises nine more times. 
  • Raise your body by lifting it up with the support of your toes, resuming a standing position after counting to two. Repeat this exercise nine more times. 
  • Use your toes to pick up objects like a paper towel or a crayon. 
  • Stretch the muscles in your calves. To do this exercise, sit on a rug with your legs straight in front of you and point your toes toward your body. 


Have reflexology. 


A trained reflexologist will rub your feet and use certain finger and hand techniques to ease away your foot pain and bring your body into balance. Reflexology will also relax your feet and the rest of your body. 


Take 15 minutes to put your feet in a tub of warm water. 


Soaking your feet will help alleviate your foot pain for a while. Do this when your feet ache after standing on them for many hours. 


Rub your feet with BLUESPRING's Foot & Leg Comfort Cream. 


This cream contains emu oil and other natural ingredients to help relieve aching feet by improving circulation, reducing swelling, cooling hot, tired feet and moisturizing deeply.  



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