Simple Health Tips for Gout Sufferers

Simple Health Tips for Gout Sufferers

Debra Murray

Gout is a treatable but painful condition. Treating gout is important as soon as you notice the first signs of a problem. It's related to arthritis and is quite complex in symptoms and function. It primarily affects the joint of the big toe, and it results in extreme pain that can be debilitating. Healthy living is one of the best treatments for gout sufferers.  


Drink Sufficient Amounts of Fluid 

Most people are chronically dehydrated. It's important to drink ample amounts of fluids each day to prevent and treat attacks. About two to four liters of water is enough for the average person. Certain individuals may need more fluid or a little less. These fluids should primarily be unsweetened teas or water.  


Ditch Alcohol 

It’s nice to have a glass of wine with dinner, but it's important to avoid alcohol if you suffer from gout. Wines, beers and liquors are all bad news for those who suffer from gout. It can trigger the build-up of uric acid and lead to an attack or an increased frequency in attacks. 


Limit Meat Consumption 

Meat is the primary cause of gout. It is especially triggered by consuming excess amounts of processed meats. These have higher levels of uric acid and nitrites, and they can worsen gout conditions. It's hard to give up meat, but reducing your consumption can significantly improve your overall condition. Choose lean sources of meat whenever possible. Avoid red meat and processed sausages at all costs.  


Lower Your Protein Intake 

Protein intake for all types of protein should be lowered. A majority of people in developed countries consume a high-protein diet that leads to conditions like gout. Lowering your protein intake to below 30 percent of your total calories is recommended. You don't need more than 60 grams of protein per day. As you age, eating a high-protein diet gets increasingly more dangerous for your health. 


Eat Cherries 

Cherries are a wonder food. They are full of nutrients that can treat your gout condition. Cherry juice is great as well. It helps to flush uric acid from your system. Darker cherries are a better choice. 


Staying Healthy With Gout  

It's completely possible to minimize the symptoms of gout to next to nothing. Consuming a healthy diet and staying hydrated are the keys to naturally treating your condition.  


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