Simple Health Tips for Knee Pain

Simple Health Tips for Knee Pain

Debra Murray

Arthritis is a family of incurable musculoskeletal disorders. There are more than 100 different arthritis conditions that destroy joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and connective tissues. These conditions cause pain and hinder physical movement.


The disease affects approximately 50 million adults and 300,000 children and it is actually the nation’s leading cause of disability. When you experience knee pain due to an injury damaged nerves in that area dispense chemical signals. Other nerves then send the signals to your brain which recognizes them as pain. Knee arthritis pain is caused by the following factors:


  • Inflammation in the joints.
  • Damage to joint tissues caused by wear and tear.
  • Muscle strain that is a result of the muscles being overworked from protecting your joints from painful movements.
  • Fatigue that can worsen the pain and make it difficult to manage.


Knee pain is bad because it limits your mobility. Arthritis causes the surface of the knee joint to become irregular. If you experience an acute injury it can also cause limited mobility. Another reason why knee pain is bad is instability. A knee is stable when the ligaments that connect the shin bone to the thigh bone are strong and healthy. If the ligaments are stretched or torn the knee may feel as though it is giving way.


Range of Motion Exercises are excellent for alleviating acute knee pain. They get your knee and ankle moving, prevent stiffness and increase circulation.


A simple routine can be done from the comfort of your home.


  • Stretch out on your back
  • Make sure you are on a comfortable flat surface like a yoga mat
  • Bring your toes and foot towards your shin and then point your foot away
  • Do this 10-20 times every hour
  • If you are unable to completely straighten your knee, then lie down on your bed and place a large towel roll under your ankle - Your calf should not touch the bed
  • Let your knee straighten and maintain the position for 2-10 minutes every couple of hours.
  • Using an exercise bike is also a great way to ease knee pain. Set it up so that your knee is slightly bent and pedal for about 5 minutes.


We all have days when moving is just too painful. On those days, you need a boost of pain relief. Reach for BLUESPRING’s Capsicum Roll-on Booster. Featuring the warming power of capsicum, this easy to apply booster can be used alone or in conjunction with Super Blue Stuff OTC or Super White Stuff OTC pain relief cream. The roll-on applicator provides massaging relief plus keeps the product off your hands for no mess application.



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