Simple Health Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bones

Simple Health Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bones

Debra Murray


Strong bones are crucial to your overall health. Bone mass and health diminish as you get older. Take measures early in life to reduce your chances of getting age-related bone conditions like osteoporosis. Here are some simple steps for maintaining strong, healthy bones throughout the years.



Don't focus on being a certain size. Your main goal should be a healthy body weight for the utmost bone health. Being underweight can greatly increase your chances of getting a bone disease. Consider learning more about your BMI, it will help to indicate if you're at a healthy weight.


Vitamins And Supplements

Vitamin C and D are two of the most crucial vitamins needed for bone health. Vitamin D is important because your body needs it to absorb calcium. Foods that are good sources of vitamin C include broccoli, dairy products and almonds. Good sources of vitamin D include natural sunlight, fortified milk, egg yolks and tuna. If you find it difficult to get enough vitamin D and C, there are many natural supplements and some that include these vitamins available.


Avoid Stress

The hardest thing to do in these times is finding ways to reduce your stress level. Yoga and walking are wonderful exercises for reducing stress. If you're not ready for yoga, something as simple as spending an afternoon laughing with friends will also reduce stress.


Physical Activity

You don't have to run a marathon to be physically fit. Doing daily chores, going for walks, and riding a bike instead of taking your car will help to keep your bones flexible and strong.


Reduce Sodium Intake

Calcium is a necessary nutrient for healthy bones. Too much sodium will cause calcium to leak out of your bones and eliminate through your urine. Cutting out processed foods and putting down the salt shaker will help you to maintain healthy bones.


Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your bones, heart and overall health. It can cause damage to your whole skeletal system. Smoking will accelerate bone loss, weaken spinal ligaments and increase your chances for hip fractures. If you do suffer from a fracture, smoking will also drastically delay the healing process.



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