Simple Health Tips for Pain Free Holiday Season

Simple Health Tips for Pain Free Holiday Season

Debra Murray



During the holidays, it is common for painful health conditions to flare-up in response to increased activity or stress. This is especially true for those who suffer from chronic conditions, such as arthritis, or who sustain an injury while hanging up holiday decorations. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to reduce strain on a person’s muscles and joints during the preparations for holiday festivities. Here are several simple tips for enjoying a pain-free holiday season without taking away from the fun. 


Avoid Repetitive Movements 

Chopping vegetables for holiday dinners, wrapping gifts and handwriting cards can all add up to more work than a person realizes. Repetitive movements can also strain a person’s tendons and joints if they are continued for a long period of time. Try to take short breaks when performing repetitive tasks and spend some time stretching in-between to avoid causing an injury when getting ready for holiday events. 


Break Heavy Loads into Smaller Ones 

It might be tempting to shorten one’s to-do list by carrying in several bags of groceries at once or by loading gifts into one big box. However, lifting things that are too heavy is a surefire way to end up with a back injury or aggravate arthritis symptoms. When possible, delegate any jobs that require heavy lifting to other members of the household or request assistance. If working alone, break heavy loads into smaller ones and know that an extra trip is worth avoiding an injury. 


Maintain Exercise Routines 

With all of the excitement of the holiday season, it is easy to lose track of one’s regular exercise routine. However, regular exercise is important for keeping muscles and joints limber enough to withstand the extra activity incurred during the holiday season. Whether a person takes a short walk or does a few stretches, any amount of exercise will help with staying pain-free. 


Enjoying the holidays means taking care of a person’s body while staying alert for symptoms that could indicate an injury or flare-up of an already diagnosed health condition. By avoiding repetitive movements and heavy lifting while treating minor pains early on, a person can enjoy a pain-free holiday season full of love and laughter with their loved ones. 


Keep Pain Relievers Handy 

When pain strikes, it is best to treat it early on to avoid having it get worse. It is important to keep pain relievers nearby that are natural and easy to apply. Super Blue Stuff OTC is a natural, pain-relieving ointment. Apply it over sore joints and muscles for relief in as fast as five minutes. You’ll be up and ready to get back to their holiday activities without missing a precious moment. 




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